Monday, July 15, 2019

Trail races, wiener roasts, and beautiful weather

On Saturday morning, I ran the 5peaks Bownmont race. I had run sections of the trails before, but also got to explore a couple new ones. It ended up being a pretty hot morning out, so I walked way more than I planned on. Brian had dropped me off at the race, so I grabbed some oranges and watermelon after before running the 4kms home. 

In the late afternoon, we took the kids down to Bowness Park for a wiener roast. I failed to bring bathing suits for the kids, but Amelia had fun playing in the water in her clothes. We ended up running into our neighbours, so they joined us as well :)

On Sunday, we were going to take the kids to a new park near us, but it apparently wasn't open yet. We ended up going to Shouldice Park, which the kids always love. In the afternoon, we spent lots of time outside and went to get groceries. 

Brian and I even got to have a date night- we went to Ten Foot Henry which is always so delicious!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Play dates, amusement parks, and races!

Whew, we had a busy and fun weekend! I had my day off on Friday, so I met Alison, Brie and Nicole (plus their kids) at Deerfoot City for the story and craft time. The kids all had fun plus playing at the playground after.

In the afternoon, I went to get my hair done and then Brian and I went out for a date night. We picked up my race package, had dinner, and got delicious ice cream from Village. 

The weather was looking kind of iffy, but we decided to risk it and headed out to Calaway Park on Saturday morning. We had bought seasons passes, but hadn't taken Amelia yet. We weren't sure how many rides Gabe could go on, but there ended up being quite a few he could ride. The kids had lots of fun!

In the afternoon, Amelia was invited to her friend's birthday party from her day home. She had been counting down the days until it, so she was definitely excited to go!

On Sunday morning, I ran the Stampede Road Race 10k, which was fun! It's always a beautiful course, and well organized. Brian brought the kids down after so Amelia could participate in the kids race. She was a little nervous about it, but was so happy once she crossed the finish line and got her medal!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Hikes, trails, and Canada Day

Happy Tuesday! This weekend went by in a blur- not sure where it went! At least it's a super short week as I'm off on Friday as well. 

On Saturday, we escaped the city with pretty much everyone else it seemed! The highway was so busy. We did a short hike with the kids, and then had lunch at the Middle Lake day area. Right by there is a lake, so we went to throw some rocks in the water. It was a crazy windy day, but still pretty nice out. 

On Sunday morning, I went for a long run with four friends in Bragg Creek. We hiked up Prairie Mountain (3kms and over 600ms of gain!) and then ran down the back side and did the Prairie Creek trail loop. It was beautiful, but so muddy and lots of climbing. After our run, we stopped at Heart in Bragg Creek for some lunch which was delicious! Brian left a couple hours after I got home to go biking, so the kids and I went to the park and played outside lots. 

On Canada Day, we were going to go to an event, but decided to hang out at home doing some stuff outside. We got groceries, Brian changed the oil in our vehicle, he built some garden boxes, mowed the grass, etc. A big wind and rain storm rolled in, but luckily cleared up so I could take Amelia to the fireworks at a golf course near our house. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Scenes from the weekend

Happy Monday! We had a bit of a quieter weekend thanks to all of the rain we got. It just absolutely poured on Friday, and then rained on and off again all weekend. The flowers and our grass loves it, but I'd be okay if we had some nicer weather now.

On Friday at the day home, the kids had crazy hair day! Amelia was so excited to have her hair done. Brian left for Edmonton that evening, so we didn't do too much. 

Saturday was one of those parenting days that you'd be okay not having again for a long time. The kids were just fighting constantly with each other, and Amelia was so emotional and whiney. Oh man! In the morning, Amelia had her last soccer game and then we headed home to walk Harley. When Gabe was napping, I worked out and then we went to a new to us park in our neighbourhood. 

Brian got back later on Saturday night, so I went for a run on Sunday morning. I did 8kms by myself and then met up with the Project Run Love group to do another 4kms. It was so wet out! At least running with others made it go by quickly. After the run, we grabbed something to eat at Angel's cafe. In the afternoon, Amelia and I went to the library and then for $1 ice cream cones at McDonald's.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gabe is a two-rex!

Roar! Gabe turned two last week, and we had a birthday party to celebrate him on Saturday. It started raining 30 minutes before the party, but it luckily cleared up so all of the kids could play outside. It worked out well! The theme was dinosaurs because Gabe likes them and it was easy!

I kept it all pretty simple as I just didn't have the energy to do an elaborate party. We had a dinosaur egg hunt (aka with Easter eggs), which the kids loved. Otherwise, they just played in our backyard. Overall, Gabe had fun and that's all that mattered!


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