Monday, September 16, 2019

Trail races & park time

I apparently didn't take too many pictures this weekend! On Saturday morning, I headed out to Canmore with Heidi to run the 5peaks trail race. It's always such a pretty race- last year it had snowed, but it was a beautiful day. I didn't have a great race- my stomach was feeling off, so I ended up walking more than I had hoped.

When I got back home from the race, Brian headed out for a bike ride. Amelia had requested to bake cookies and have a tea party, so that's exactly what we did!

Brian went biking on Sunday morning, so the kids and I headed to get groceries first thing. After groceries, I quickly washed the floors before we headed back out to pick something up and stop at the park. 

When Gabe was napping in the afternoon, I did a workout and we played. Brian got home late afternoon, so while Amelia rode her bike, I ran with Harley. I like that we get to do things like that now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ontario trip

Last Thursday, Amelia and I headed to Ontario to spend time with my family. She was so cute when she found out that we were going. She immediately asked where she was going to sleep, what we were going to do first, if we could go to Go Bananas. Love her!

Amelia's awesome view on the plane ;)
We got into Ontario around 3:30pm, so we took a trip to the park that night and picked some apples from my mom's tree.  

On Friday, we attempted to visit with my dad in the morning, but he didn't want to wake up. I ended up going for a run with my brother Riley in the hydrocuts. I thought we were going to run 10-12kms, but we ended up doing 18kms. The farthest my brother has ever ran, which is amazing!

After we ran, we met up with my mom and Amelia at Go Bananas, which is a rock climbing place for kids. She ended up having it all to herself, which was cool! The first time we went here, Amelia made it a couple towers up- this time, she made it all the way to the top!

The evening included dinner at my brother's house and bike rides around his neighbourhood. 

We headed up to my mom's cottage in Grand Bend on Saturday morning. It was a bit windy at the beach, but a nice day otherwise! Amelia had been asking to go for a while, so she loved it. Loved looking for sea glass and feathers, which she started a collection of. 

We stayed overnight, and then took one more trip to the beach after breakfast on Sunday morning. The waves were pretty big, and Amelia was squealing so hard at it! Love it. We drove back to my mom's house in the late morning, and then went to visit my dad. He was awake that day, so we stayed for close to two hours before heading to see my nephew and brother/SIL. Amelia and C are super close in age, so it's fun seeing them together. 

Monday was our last full day, so we were busy! We took a trip to the mall (Amelia was in desperate need of running shoes but no luck), went to visit my dad again, and then had dinner at my aunt and uncle's house.

Our flight didn't leave until the afternoon on Tuesday, so I went for a quick run in the morning (so humid!). Once I was back, we took my brother's god for a walk at the flats before he dropped by for lunch.

Another visit went by way too quickly!

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September long weekend

On Saturday, I headed to Bragg Creek to get a long run in with three friends. It was super foggy on the way there, but just looked overcast when we started running. Before we knew it, it was pouring buckets of rain on us! The trails ended up looking like a river, it was crazy! Luckily, it just sprinkled on us after that. We ended up running 24kms and I am feeling better about my race at the end of the month. 

It was another crappy day weather wise on Sunday, so we took the kids to get groceries and then to the library in the morning. Aka anything to get us out of the house without going to a play place! In the afternoon, Amelia and I baked cookies and then took Harley for a run (while Amelia biked) around Bowness Park. It's fun to be able to do these things with Amelia now! I had to help her up a hill, otherwise she rode 4kms by herself. Pretty proud of her!

Brian went biking on Monday morning, so the kids and I went to check out a new park in Livingston. It ended up starting to pour on us, so we didn't get to stay super long. It was a fun park though! The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the neighbourhood kids and taking Harley for a walk as the sun finally came out!


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