Monday, January 26, 2015

Just a little update

I apologize in advance as my next few posts might be all baby related. Well, let's be honest it's going to be a lot of baby related stuff now that Miss Amelia has made her entrance into the world :)

Life has definitely been busy since we got home from the hospital on January 18th. I'm still not sure where the heck the last week went, but it sure flew by! My days have been filled with feeding, pumping, changing diapers, cleaning bottles/pump parts and napping. I'm not complaining at all either!

We've had a couple of doctors appointments (Miss A is doing well and is almost back at her birth weight), a couple visitors and lots of down time around the house. I'm slowly working on my birth story and hope to have it up later this week. 

Her milk drunk face

Falling asleep on the job
My BIL and nieces checking out Amelia

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{baby d}: introducing...

Miss Amelia Eleanor decided to make an early arrival into the world! She was born on January 17, 2015 weighing 7lb 4oz with a full head of dark hair. Life has definitely been busy the last couple of days, so I will post her birth story in the coming week. Sometimes it's just too hard to stop staring at her and to stop watching Mr.D be an amazing and supportive dad :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

{baby d}: the nursery

As my due date nears closer and closer, I figured I better hurry up and finish the nursery! It's finally done, so I thought I would share it with you.

I had the hardest time picking a paint colour for the room, which meant it took me forever to start. I knew that I didn't want pink (nothing wrong with pink, but that's just not me) and I wanted something that wasn't super girly. I finally decided on a colour and set to work! I decided that I wanted the colour scheme to be the wall colour (not sure how to describe it!) with grey, cream and yellow accents.

View from the doorway
View of the left side of the room
The gallery wall- still going to add a few things
The right side of the room

Her closet

Overall, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It's not an over the top type of nursery, but that's definitely okay!

Where I found things:

Crib- we were gifted it to us by my BIL & SIL
Dresser- found that last Christmas at Leon's for $200 as there was a couple scratches on it. So glad Mr.D convinced me to buy it then as it's the perfect size!
Curtains- Wal-Mart
Ubbi diaper pail- West Coast Kids
Chair- IKEA that we've had for a few years
Grey lamp- Wal-Mart
Square ottoman- Canadian Tire 
Frames- Michael's and Winners
Lamp- Wal-Mart
Crib sheets and bed skirt- Target
Giraffe print and 'love' print- made myself
Chalkboard labels- Michael's
Change pad cover- Tara's cozy creations

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{baby d}: thirty eight weeks

 Just a friendly reminder that I am posting my weekly recaps a week behind

Feeling: there was one day this week that I was just wasn't feeling 100%. I was supposed to go for a walk with Erica and Quinn, but ended up cancelling on her and spending the afternoon laying on the couch. Luckily, I felt better the rest of the week. Starting to feel like I have to pee all of the time even though I just went. 

If I am being completely honest, I went shopping for nursing bras and that was not fun at all. I've enjoyed being pregnant, but I walked out not feeling great about myself or my pregnant body. 

Workouts: lots of walks with Harley still when it wasn't too cold out for it. I went for a walk with Erica and Quinn as well. 

  • we put together the swing that my BIL & SIL got for us. It's strange to see it in the living room!
  • Mr.D installed the car seat into the SUV, so it's finally ready to go :) 
  • we picked up the last few baby related things that we needed. Ie: a diaper pail, etc
  • enjoyed my first week off of work. Stayed busy with appointments, doing stuff around the house and visiting with friends
  • had my 38 week check up and things are still looking good with baby 
  • we finished hanging up the pictures in the nursery, so it's finally complete 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

DIY closet dividers

Since I'm off work now, I have way more free time and wanted to do a quick and easy DIY project for the nursery. 

  • scrapbook paper
  • craft foam
  • mod podge
  • paint brush (I used a cheap black one that I could throw out after)
  • numbers
You can easily find a pattern for the dividers on Pinterest, but I found that they were just a bit too small for my liking. I ended up making my own using a plastic lid.

1. Once you have the pattern you want to use, trace it onto the scrapbook paper. Then using the mod podge, glue it onto the foam (I found that a regular glue stick wasn't strong enough).

2. Once the glue has dried, cut out the dividers.

3. I put a layer of mod podge on the top to help make them a bit more studier, but this step is totally up to you. Add your numbers and hang up in your baby's closet.

Total cost: $8 for the scrap book paper, foam and numbers. I already had the mod podge and paint brushes on hand, so those weren't included in the price.

A totally easy and quick DIY project!


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