Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May long weekend

Well, it wasn't a very exciting or nice May long weekend here. So much rain fell on Friday and Saturday. And then the sun came out for a bit, but it was windy and cold. Come on spring and summer!

On Saturday morning, we took the kids to the library. They enjoyed playing and listening to the story time. We didn't do much else- lots of playing inside.

On Sunday, we took the kids to a new park in the University district. It ended up being much colder and windier out than we thought, so we didn't stay super long. We will definitely be back as it was a fun park!

In the afternoon, I headed out to Kananaskis for a trail run with Heather. We ran the Ribbon Creek Trail, which was nice. 

On Monday, we took the kids down into the coulee to explore. Oh man, Gabe was a miserable mess. He has a cold, plus he fell in mud so ended up so dirty. Ah well, we tried. In the afternoon, Brian went biking so we just hung out while Gabe napped. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

The weekend + Mother's Day

Happy Monday! We had a surprisingly busy weekend, but it was fun. Mother Nature gave us beautiful weather for once, so we spent so much time outside enjoying it.

On Friday night after work, Brian met me with the kids at the mall. We let them play for a bit before having dinner. Then I met up with Brie to check out the CBC and Calgary Reads book sale. It was crazy how many books were in there! I ended up getting a couple for myself, and then a few for the kids. 

On Saturday morning, I ran the first 5peaks race at Sikome Lake. It was a beautiful, yet warm morning for it! 

The rest of the day was spent hanging out outside with the kids. Brian went to meet a friend that night to go biking, so the kids and I went for an adventure out back (aka find rocks and keep them occupied until bath time!)

On Sunday morning, we headed out to Canmore. I met up with Heather for a trail run while Brian took the kids to the bike park and to the playground. My legs were dead from the day before, but it was nice to get out! Once I finished my run, we took the kids to another park and had a lunch picnic. Amelia found a little girl to play with, so they had lots of fun. We headed home so Gabe could nap. The rest of the afternoon/evening was spent playing outside with the neighbourhood kids and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Monday, April 29, 2019

Life lately

I can't promise that I will do blog posts regularly, but I will try as I love looking back on the kids. I just need a couple more hours in the day!

For Easter, we hung out at home on Good Friday. We had an egg hunt with the kids, which they loved! Their small Easter baskets were on the fireplace, and Amelia saw them and was like "how did the Easter bunny get in here?!" It was so cute. We took the kids and Harley to Nose Hill Park, but majorly underestimated the temperature and wind, and it was freezing! Oh well, the kids had fun and Harley got to run. On Saturday morning, Amelia had her first soccer practise and then we headed up to Edmonton. 

On Sunday, Gail made a delicious brunch and the kids had an Easter egg hunt with their cousins. We headed home that night, as Brian had to work on Monday. 

Amelia had her last dance class on Thursday night, and we got come watch the kids do a little performance. She was so excited to have Brian, Gabe and I there- it was so cute. 

We didn't do too much this weekend. Amelia had soccer on Saturday morning and luckily the snow held off! It started coming down super hard in the afternoon and the wind was insane. On Sunday, Brian and Amelia went to B-Line to ride her bike. Gabe and I hung out at home doing some cleaning and I did a workout. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Life lately

It's been way too long since I've posted and updated about life and the kids! Let's see, where to start?

The kids started at a new day home back in October after our last one left us with zero notice. Luckily, we found an even better one and the kids have done really well. Amelia has made a new friend, and we hear about her often :)

Amelia turned four back in January and she's already counting down until her next birthday when she turns five. We had a painting theme for her party, so the kids go to paint a canvas and take it home with them along with a painting smock. She had lots of fun! 

Current things that she is into and about her:

  • riding her bike
  • playing outside
  • anything that her friend at the day home likes
  • dance class
  • watching Blippi, Fancy Nancy, Smurfs movie
  • going to the park and swinging on the swings

Gabe is almost two years old- where has time gone?! He is definitely acting like he is in the terrible twos some days with him saying no to everything, not listening, or saying "stop momma!". Other days he is a total sweetheart.

Things about Gabe:

  • still loves sucking his thumb
  • loves reading books 
  • still wants to do anything Amelia is
  • loves brushing his teeth
  • loves playing outside
  • very picky about shoes and jackets
  • prefers to wear Amelia's hats


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