Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another 5K?

At the end of October, Mr.D and I ran our first 5K. Although we had never run one before, about a month prior we decided it would be a good idea (ok, maybe it was my idea, but he agreed!).

The morning of the race, we woke up to a sight you don't really want to see when you are about to run your first 5K.....SNOW! It was snowing the entire race, which left for a very slushy course and wet feet. Besides that, the race went really well. The funniest part of the race was that I beat Mr.D! Okay, let me explain. There was a 5K and a 10K happening at the same time, and all of the runners began together. Mr.D was ahead of me and missed the turn for the 5K and ended up running an extra kilometer before he realized he missed the turn for our race! I don't think he will ever live that one down :)

Here is us after the race. You can kind of tell how slushy it was that day!

Ever since that race, my running has nearly stopped. Signing up for another race would help to get my motivation back. I am thinking about signing up for another 5K in the middle of December, but I'm risking the fact it might be -15C out.

Should I just take the risk and sign up for it or wait until the spring?

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  1. Do it! -15 isn't toooo bad to run in, I did it a few times last winter (I think the coldest I ran in was -20)

    If you bundle up with a toque and some gloves you should be fine :)



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