Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finding "the one"

As soon as we got engaged, I began the hunt for a wedding dress. I knew that I wanted something that was simple, but not too simple. Something that had lace and was more a-line than ball gown as I am really short! I think my biggest criteria is that I wanted to still felt like myself in the dress.

Here are some of my inspirations:

About two months after we got engaged, my bridesmaid T and I went and checked out a local bridal shop. I told that sales lady that I wanted something that was lace and not over the top. The first two dresses were pretty, but didn't give me that "feeling". As she brought in the third dress, I immediately loved it. Once it was on, and as I saw the look on T's face when I came out, I knew it was the one! There wasn't one thing that I disliked about the dress. I think I even had our sales lady crying too! The only downfall to the dress was that it was about $1000 over my budget.

We left that shop and decided to continue searching at other bridal shops, but nothing compared to "the one". About two months later, my mom came out for a visit and I took her to see the dress. She knew right away that it was the one too! Although my mom kindly offered to pay the difference in price, I couldn't justify the cost (as altering would have been almost $1000 because I am so short!) So I turned to oncewed.com and luckily found someone who was selling hers for much less than the retail price. I am so glad that I went that route and have nothing good things to say about the experience!

If you want to see what I fell in love with and can't wait to wear on our wedding day, go here.

Did it take you a long time to find "the one"?

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