Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Recap

This weekend was very relaxing, which was nice since all the weekends leading up to Christmas are busy with work parties, birthdays and visiting family!

Friday night after work, I had my hair done, which is always nice. During the day, a storm moved into the city and caused major issues! It was snowing all day and then started to freeze, which caused all of the roadways to turn into a skating rink! It doesn't help that the city I live in is full of hilly roads. Welcome to winter!

Because of the weather, we stayed in a watched the movie Four Christmases. If you haven't seen it, I definitely recommend it! It was hilarious and I'm not sure how they managed to come up with so many wacky characters.

Saturday the weather still wasn't nice, so we hung out during the day and watched the movie Up. I'm not normally a big fan of animated movies, but this one was funny and cute! Later that night, we had an indoor soccer game, which we tied. Better than losing though!

On Sunday, we did some running around for birthday presents. I also tried out a new recipe for ginger snaps. They turned out really well and will be posting the recipe later in the week if anyone wants it.

How was your weekend?

1 comment :

  1. Oooh Four Christmases looks good! I really want to see it.

    Sounds like you had a nice, laidback weekend! Me too! I spent three hours lying on the couch and watching The Office yesterday!



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