Monday, January 4, 2010

Fitness Goals

Since running my first 5k in October and all of the Christmas eating, I have been left feeling a "blah" about my body. It also doesn't help that I feel the pressure of wearing a wedding dress in 8 months!

Although I am a short person, I really struggle with my core and dreaded love handles. If I gain weight, it goes directly there and not to mention my butt too! (butts are nice but not when they don't fit into jeans anymore!) I have decided to do the Whittle My Middle challenge that was started by Angela. She started her challenge on the 1st of January, but I have decided to start mine as of today. So for the next 30 days, I am going to be whittling my middle away! I took before pictures and if I work up the courage and of course notice a change, I might post the after pictures.

I am also looking at doing a fitness bootcamp class, but I have never tried one, so I have no idea what to expect from it. Has anyone done one of these classes and can fill me in?

I'm definitely ready for the spring to come so I can get back outside to walk and run. It's not fun to do either when it's -20C out!

For those that live where there is snow, how do you deal with it and still remain active?

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  1. Ugh - this cold is ridiculous! I deal w/ it by going to the gym. I was going to try to run outside once a week but i can't handle the subzero temps we are having here... it's like -10F so I imagine that's close to the temps you are experiencing. Boo!

    My core is not looking so great either. I keep telling myself to do something about it, but so far I've only been good at sticking to running...



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