Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{wedding wednesday}

We love our venue, but they do not provide everything that we will need. One of the things that they do not provide are napkins. This weekend while I was running errands I happened to find the perfect chocolate brown napkins (our colors are green, ivory/white and chocolate brown). A package of 50 cocktail napkins was $2 and a package of 50 dinner napkins was $3. We are having roughly 150 people to the wedding, so it will cost me about $20 for all of the napkins. I think that is a pretty good price!

To personalize the cocktail napkins, I was thinking of getting a stamp of our monogram or another patterned stamp. Something similar to these. It will be an easy and quick project that will add a little more to the wedding. Once the project is done, I will post pictures :)

I have also been searching for a make-up artist and hair dresser for the wedding day with no luck. There are lots out there, but they are either very expensive or not what I am looking for. It also doesn't help that I don't know many salons where we are getting married. Sometimes it would be nice to have a wedding fairy that would find everything for you! Haha.

Hope you have a fantabulous (yes, I made it up!) day!

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