Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{wedding wednesday} hair inspiration and our rings

Another {wedding wednesday} is here! This week I have checked another item off my to-do list. I had been searching for a hair dresser and make-up artist for the wedding for a few weeks, and my bridesmaid T suggested a place that her sister in-law had gone to for her wedding. She was impressed with their work and prices, so I decided to book them. The hair salon has a few freelance make-up artists that work out of their location, so I booked one of them. He has over 35 years of experience and is supposed to be quick, efficient and know his stuff! Not to mention that he is only $50 per person and $25 for a trial. I think those prices are great considering I found some make-up artists that were just starting out and were charging $75+ per person!!

I love Cameron Diaz's hair in the movie What Happens in Vegas (see below). Hopefully my hair grows!

Although we bought them before Christmas, we can check wedding bands off from our list. For my band, I knew I wanted something that was similar to my engagement ring except with diamonds all the way across the band. Mr.D wanted something that was simple, with no diamonds. Even though we went over the budget for our bands, we both love them and will be wearing them for the rest of our lives!

My engagement and wedding ring
Mr.D's wedding band


  1. Congrats on progress! I love that hairdo as well! Similar to what I'm trying to go for!

  2. Oooh I LOVE that hair style and your rings are GORG!

  3. I love that hairstyle, it's perfect! x

  4. Ok, thank you for posting pics of Cameron's hair. I remember LOVING it when I saw the movie but I could never seem to find a good pic of it on the web. Such a gorgeous/classy updo. i hate updos that are very prom-like!

    Love the rings, too! Beautiful!



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