Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{wedding wednesday} shoes

These weeks keep going by way too fast! We are officially under 200 days until the wedding, which is crazy! Mr.D and I have almost been engaged for a year, so the wedding is slowly starting to feel more real.

This week is all about shoes, shoes, shoes! I have been searching for the perfect green pair of shoes, but have yet to find them :( So I have decided to search for an alternative pair. Here are a few pairs that I am really liking:

I find it really stressful to find shoes for the wedding. I know that people won't be seeing them that much, but I still want a great pair of shoes. I'm also on the hunt for green flats...I found a great pair from Target for $20, but unfortunately they don't ship to Canada :(
Which pair do you like? These are just a few options, but I'd love your opinions!


  1. I like the second pair! I almost got them in red for my reception but they didn't have my size and couldn't custom make in time. I loved them!

  2. I like them all! I do like how brides are starting to wear colored shoes that coordinate with their wedding color. That pop of color is so unexpected and so much fun!! When/if I get married, I will def find a pair of fun pink shoes!!

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of thse!!

  3. The third is my favorite!

  4. I'd say get them all and then switch throughout the day! I think all three pairs are gorgeous!

  5. You can get stuff from Target if you go through a parcel forwarder. When I was studying abroad,I used a company called Shipito. It cost like $8.50 and international shipping but well worth it.



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