Monday, March 15, 2010

{ fabulous weekend recap }

This weekend was fabulous! And of course it went by too fast! This weekend, my bridesmaid T came into town to hang out and help me work on a some wedding projects.

T got here on Friday night and then we went and enjoyed some sushi at our favourite place. So delicious as always! We were all pretty tired after dinner, so we headed home and I showed T all of the wedding stuff I have been working on. We also watched The Blind Side....such a great movie! Sandra Bullock plays her character so well in it.

On Saturday, we worked on wedding projects for most of the day. We folded and cut all of the outer part for the invitations, made the belly bands for the invitations and did the labels for the OOT bags. Felt so good to get a lot done! I wasn't a total slave driver...T and I went for a walk during the day too. Later that night, bridesmaid K came over and had dinner. It was great hanging out and catching up with both of the girls. We also watched Up In The was pretty good, but I liked The Blind Side better.

Yesterday, T left around lunch and then I forced Mr.D to go for a walk with me. The weather was too gorgeous to pass up! It's apparently supposed to be close to 15 degrees Celsius here this week...fingers crossed!

I also tried my dress on again for the first time since last summer and it finally does up! The last time I tried it on, the privacy piece in the back didn't go all the way across and now it does. I was pretty nervous about trying it on again...I didn't think it would fit! I also tried on the potential shoes that I showed you last week, with my dress and I love them! They are the perfect height and color.

How was your weekend?


  1. Congratulations on the dress, that's fantastic progress! =)

    My weekend was great, really a ton of progress made on a whole bunch of stuff including making a birthday cake for my dad... I just need the week to recover from it!

  2. Yea for the dress fitting well! :) Well done, you!

    That's so fun that your bridesmaid came & helped with wedding stuff!!



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