Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Registry help!

I've been putting off doing our registry for awhile, but I've had a few questions about it lately so I can't delay any longer. This weekend, I sat down and started adding things to it and making a list of all the things still needed to be added.

For our registry, we are using My Registry. Mr.D's brother and his wife used it for their wedding & baby showers and it worked well. What Mr.D and I like about it is that you can add things for all different stores, as opposed to registering at only one store.

The thing that I am struggling with is what to add to our registry. Mr.D and I have lived together for almost two years, so we have a lot of house stuff already. The other thing is that we are hoping to buy a house sooner than later, so we don't know what we will all need for the new place. It's stressful! I know that we need to add the standard stuff like china, dishes, flatware, etc but other than that, I am having a tough time with. I don't know wedding registry etiquette very well, but are we "allowed" to put other stuff on it? Such as: gardening tools, sleeping bags, a tent? It is all stuff that we don't have, and would love to have. We are still adding all of the typical stuff, but what are your thoughts on us adding "other stuff"?

For all of you married or soon to be married ladies out there, what did you add to your registry/what are you registering for?

Did anyone watch the Life show on TLC last night? We caught it about half way through, but loved it! We own the Planet Earth dvd's, which are also awesome! We also caught the preview of Jamie Oliver's show about obesity in America. I'm excited for that one to start!

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  1. YOu can definitely put stuff like sleeping bags, tents, gardening tools, etc on your registry list. My sister did & they got lots of that stuff off their registry.

    I am not married, and will have lived on my own for quite awhile by the time I get married (if ever... ay yi yi), so I will also have a tough time since I already have so much stuff!!



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