Thursday, March 25, 2010

Strange dreams

Last night, I had a really strange dream. I tend to dream a lot the week before my period (anyone else?) and can usually remember what the dreams are about the next morning.

Well last night, my dream featured this guy:

Don't have a clue why he appeared in it because I definitely wasn't day dreaming about him yesterday!! In the dream, we were at my mom's house and all of these different guys were there too. There were some guys I went to high school with, my younger brother's friends and then "the situation". So the situation was trying to flirt and talk with me and I guess he assumed that I was "his". We were sitting talking and I raised my left hand and was like, "sorry, I am already taken." He got so mad at this and wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the dream! I woke up this morning and was like what the hell?!

Anyone else have strange dreams last night?

1 comment :

  1. I didn't last night, but I definitley have lots and lots of strange dreams. Esp when I am uber stressed out!



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