Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Between work, wedding related stuff and house hunting this past week and bit have seemed really busy!

On the wedding front, I found out on Monday that the make up artist I had booked had to bail for my wedding :( . It was a little upsetting to find that out, but better than a month before the wedding. Luckily he recommended someone else, so I am just waiting for her to get back to me with prices. Fingers crossed that she isn't really expensive!

Last night we met with our realtor who took us through a bunch of houses. It's exciting to begin looking, but nervous as the real estate market seems to be moving fast here. We saw a few different lay outs last night, so that gave us an idea of what we want. We are going to look at a bunch more on Saturday, so I am excited. We saw one that we really liked, but it was on a busier road, which wasn't ideal.

So in a condensed version, there's my life right now! Haha. It might not seem like a lot, but it just feels like I am juggling a few balls in the air right now. I'm sure it will pass shortly. I'm done whinning, I promise!!

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  1. You definitely have alot going on! And you so aren't whining! Buying a house is stressful! And alot goes into planning a wedding.

    That really sucks that your make-up artist cancelled but thank God you have a decent amount of time to find someone else. HOpefully her prices are similar to the other person's!!



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