Monday, April 19, 2010

{weekend recap}

This weekend was fabulous! Busy but fabulous. The weather has finally warmed up and it felt like summer out, which I wouldn't trade for snow anyday.

On Friday, we were pretty lame and just hung out at home. I was working on cutting out all of the pieces for the invitations, so that took up most of the night.

On Saturday, Mr.D's parents came to visit in the afternoon. We took them for a drive by of our new house...wish we could have showed them the inside, but less than a month until they can! We had an amazing dinner that night...Mr.D's parent's bought beef tenderloin steaks from Costco so we grilled them up on the BBQ...they were so tender and just melted in your mouth! BBQ'ing is definitely one of the best things about summer. Mr.D's mom also told me this weekend and her and my future sister in law will be throwing me a bridal shower. I told her that I didn't need one, but she insisted as she wants to throw one. So lucky to have great in-laws!

Yesterday, Mr.D's parents left early in the morning, so Mr.D and I headed out to go couch shopping. For the new place, we needed a couch for the basement, a couch or love seat for the upstairs living room and also a chair. We found a great deal on a sectional for the basement and a love seat for the living room. It's getting delivered on move in day, and I can't wait! I also went to visit BM K because she wasn't feeling well. She just moved into her new place last weekend, so I borrowed some of her moving boxes.

Another weekend went by too fast :( I'm just happy because I've almost got the invitations finished, so we will be sending those out in the next few weeks.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I also grilled out on Saturday night! My brother grilled steaks and they were fanstastic. Nothing beats food made on the grill! :)

    Sounds like you had a productive weekend!! You shoudl post pics of your weddign invites!



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