Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You be the judge

I had a busy night last night...got to buy an exciting pair of tires for my car! Don't lie, you know you are jealous!

I thought I'd share an interesting link with you. Not sure if you know or not, but Vancouver's real estate market is INSANE! The following link is called "crack shack or mansion" where you have to guess if the house pictured is a crack shack or a mansion. Just wait until you see the prices!

Crack Shack or Mansion

Hope you have a great day!

1 comment :

  1. Um, I got 6 out of 16 right!! Holy. Cannasta.

    I hope your tires weren't too expensive. I hate spending money on stuff like that! I know it's unavoidable and that you need things like good tires for a car. But I always think about what I could have done w/ that money instead!



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