Wednesday, May 5, 2010

{wedding wednesday} DIY thank you cards

First off, there is 101 days until the wedding!! Holy crap! I remember when it was well over 300 days until the wedding. The days are flying by and the wedding is coming up really fast!

This week, I wanted to show you the DIY thank you cards that I started last week. After the invitations were all cut out, I had left over ivory and brown card stock and decided to make thank you cards with it. A couple month's ago, I had picked up a 'thank you' stamp from Michael's for $1.50 and decided it would be perfect for the invitations. I also found the ribbon at Michael's for 50 cents per roll.

How do you think they turned out? Would you like to receive one in the mail?


  1. I certainly would. They look great. Hooray for DIY.

  2. Those look great! You are so on top of thing! It's great that you already have a plan for thank you cards. I have actually attended a couple of weddings or sent gifts and NEVER gotten a thank you. So, so rude. There are alot of people who really lack basic manners these days...

  3. And I should clarify - when I said 'attended wedding' I of course mean I brought a gift with me. I re-read my comment & realized it sort of sounded like my presence was the gift & I needed a thank you for that... lol.

  4. I totally agree with you Lisa! A thank you card may suck to write out for the bride, but it doesn't take very long and shows the gift giver that their present was valued.

    We went to Mr.D's best friend's wedding and bought them a gift (along with going to Vegas for a weekend for their wedding) and we never received a thank you card or even a verbal thank you. Makes me angry to this day!



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