Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Table Mock-up

45 days until the wedding! Holy is starting to get really close!

This week is about the table mock-up. On the weekend, we went to Costco and ordered the flowers for the wedding, so I grabbed a few bouquets and decided to see how the center pieces would look. For the center pieces, I decided to use roses and another flower that the name is escaping me at the moment.

Here is how they turned out:

Here is the big picture:

There are a few things that will be changing:
1) The ribbon around the vase will be thicker
2) The flowers will sit taller...I accidentally cut them too short
3) There will be escort cards on the table
4) The table runners will be ironed and not all wrinkly!

Overall, I am really happy with how they turned out. How do you think they turned out?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{home tour tuesday}

This {home tour tuesday} series is long over due and I apologize! Life has been really busy lately and not being home on the weekend hasn't helped....anyways, each Tuesday I will be doing a home tour and featuring a room in our house.

This week, we are going to start with the outside. Our backyard is pretty plain right now, but that's okay with us because it's low maintanence. Next summer, we hope to put a shed out back and plant some trees for privacy.

The front of the house

My flower pot project with our house number

The back view of our house

Our backyard

I promise the tour will get more exciting, but you have to start somewhere!

Monday, June 28, 2010

{weekend recap}

Another weekend has come and gone too fast! It was a great weekend, but we were really busy.

On Friday night, we drove up to Mr.D's hometown. It started raining half way there and barely let up the rest of the made me nervous that Saturday was going to be raining for my friends wedding! Mr.D had to meet up with the other MC for the wedding, so I hung out and worked on wedding related stuff.

On Saturday, when we woke up it was really grey and overcast. Luckily the clouds passed and it was a gorgeous day for the wedding! The ceremony was at 2pm and was beautiful. They got married in an old Catholic church. The reception didn't begin until 5:30pm, so we hung out with some friends in between. The reception was beautiful...she alternated each table with candelabras and flowers. It was a beautiful wedding and so happy for our friends.
The bride and her dad

The soon to be married couple

Mr.D and I

Us again
Myself, bridesmaid T and Stacey

First dance

Mr.D and a friend MC'ing the wedding

Bridesmaid T and I

On Sunday, we went to meet with our photographer (hi Nikole if you are reading!) to start working on a timeline for the wedding. It made me realize how quickly the wedding is coming up! We also stopped at Costco to order flowers for the wedding. I bought a few bunches and did a mock up for the wedding...pretty happy how they turned out. I'll show you the pictures later this week.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Last night was really busy! We were cleaning the house, making a few dishes, finishing the extra invitations and invitations for the people who are being invited to the "dance and drinks" part only. I guess I should mention that we are having Mr.D's department over tonight for a end of the year party. It should be fun as we haven't entertained in our new house yet.

I won't have time to blog tomorrow night and on Friday we are heading up to Mr.D's hometown again for our friends wedding. I will be back Monday with some pictures from the wedding!

Hope you have a great end of the week and weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Hair Trial

Last weekend, I had my hair trial while we were in Mr.D's hometown, which is where we are getting married. I took a few inspiration pictures with me, but basically gave the hair dresser free reign. All that I knew that I wanted was either a bun in the back or to the side with my bangs down or swept back.

Here is how it turned out:

The front looks kind of funny on the left side because my bangs were falling out, so I had to pin them back with a bobby pin...grow hair grow!

That day was also a friends stagette, which was a great opportunity to see how my hair would keep up after a night out. I was pretty impressed that it didn't move much...that might have been all of the hair spray though!

Overall, I am super happy with how my hair turned out!

Monday, June 21, 2010

{weekend recap}

Another fun and fubulous weekend has gone by! How come the weekends can't go slower and the week days go by faster?!

Friday night, we didn't do much except drive up to Mr.D's hometown. I worked on some wedding projects when we got there and that's about it.

Saturday, I had my hair trial which went great! So happy with how it turned out. I'll post some pictures later in the week to show you. After the trial, bridesmaid T and I went to another friend's house that was hosting the stagette that night. We helped get things organized and hung out in the sun before everyone starting to arrive. The stagette was a hoot! We had a pot luck dinner and then after dinner, the 'highlight of the night' arrived. It was so funny yet so awkward to watch the stripper do his thing! I give my friend credit for putting up with his moves. The best part was that her mom and her future mother in law were there and they seemed to enjoy him more than the young girls!! Later in the night, a bus picked us up and we went on a pub crawl to two bars. Such a fun stagette!

Sunday, we both slept in and I loved it! I was pretty tired for the night before, so it was nice to be able to sleep in for once. We had a few errands to run and then we headed home.

I sadly took zero pictures at the stagette....I really need to remember my camera more often!

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 18, 2010

{happy friday}

So, so happy it's Friday! This week was quiet in the office, so it made the week drag on. It also didn't help that it literally rained all week...not cool mother nature! It's getting to the end of's supposed to be summer, not spring weather.

This weekend, we are heading up to Mr.D's hometown again. On Saturday, I am going to do my hair trial...fingers crossed that it turns out well! Then that night I am attending a friend's stagette. Rumour has it that there is going to be a visit from a stripper, so I'm sure it will be a crazy night!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Advice needed

This week for {wedding wednesday}, I need advice. Since we are hoping to keep the guest list under 150 people, that means that we had to cut a lot of people that we would have liked to invite. It's really hard to invite this person and then cut that person, if that makes sense.

That being said, we are planning on inviting about 20 people to join us for drinks and dancing after the dinner part is done. Do you think people will be offended if they receive an invitation for only drinks and dancing? The people that we are inviting for drinks and dancing are friends of friends that we know, but don't hang out with on a regular basis. We are planning to make an invitation for those people similar in style to our save the dates.

Having explained that we are doing an invitation and that the people we are inviting are not close family or really close friends, do you think it's okay to invite people for only drinks and dancing? If you were one of the invited ones, would you be offended or would you come and enjoy the night with us?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"I wanna do bad things to you"

Get your mind out of the gutters...I wasn't referring to dirty things in my post title (cause I know that's what you were thinking!) This post is all about True Blood. Any True Blood lovers out there?

We don't have the HBO channel at home, so Mr.D downloaded downloaded the season premiere last night and we finally got to watch it. I love, love, love this show!! We couldn't get enough of the previous seasons.

As much as I love the show, what the shit are werewolves doing on it?! I thought that was in Twilight, not True Blood? Both Mr.D and I were like what the hell at the end of the episode. I also didn't really understand what Sam was chasing when he took the road trip and was talking to that Tommy guy. I think that episode wins the most awkward dream award when Sam was dreaming about Bill and them showering, so awkward!

Besides those weird bits from that episode, I am excited to see what happens this season! If there are True Blood lovers out there, what did you think of the season premier?

Monday, June 14, 2010

{ weekend recap }

This weekend was fantastic!! The sun was finally shining and had a girls night, which was long over due!

Friday night, we drove to Mr.D's home town and then hung out with his parents. We were both tired and not up to going out.

On Saturday, bridesmaid T and I went to West Edmonton mall to look for jewelery for the girls for our wedding. We lucked out and found really cute earrings and bracelet for about $25 per girl. Hopefully the other two girls like what we picked! We also found some great deals at Old Navy...not that I needed more tank tops and cardigans...a girl can never have too many right?! In the afternoon, we met up with two other friends and hung out in the sun for the day. It was a gorgeous 28C and not a cloud in the sky! All of us were pretty red by the end of the day. We had a BBQ and just girl chatted all night. It was great to catch up with everyone! Later that night, I picked Mr.D up as he was on a stag.

Sunday, we slept in which was glorious! We headed home and made a stop at Cross Iron Mills. I was on the hunt for a shirt or dress for the stagette I am going to next week and lucked out finding one at Forever 21. Love that store! I also finally picked up flowers for our front porch, which I will have to show you later this week. We spent the night on our deck enjoying the warm weather.

Tonight, bridesmaid K and I are going to get our dresses altered ... well just fixing my bustle. Hopefully the alterations person can help figure out a bustle for my dress!

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 11, 2010

{happy friday}

So, so happy it's Friday! This week was another quiet week, which meant it dragged on and on. On a happy note, my co-worker loved the ice cream cone cupcakes which was awesome.

This weekend, we are off to Mr.D's hometown again. Only two more weekends after this one of the 6 hour return trip. We have no plans for tonight except for the drive. On Saturday, I am going shopping with bridesmaid T for earrings for the girls for our wedding. Fingers crossed that we find something! Mr.D is going to his friend's stag, so I am off for a girls night. Sunday we are just driving back home. Lots of driving!

On a happy note, we received the first draft of our ceremony from the marriage commissioner we met with last weekend. So impressed that he had to it us already when he said it might take two weeks. Mr.D and I will have to go over that this weekend and see if we want to make any changes.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

{ice ceam cone cupcakes}

I have seen this idea floating around the internet for a while, and have loved the idea! I found the idea here and love all of her ideas. It is one of my co-workers birthday on Friday, so I thought it would be a fun way to help celebrate her birthday.

- your choice of cake mix
-all the required ingredients on the cake mix package
-ice cream cones
-metal pan

1. Prepare the cake mix as per the directions on the package
2. I traced the bottom of the cupcake cone onto the metal pan and cut the circles out to use it as baking/cooling rack
3. Put the ice cream cones into your prepared holes in the tray. Portion out the prepared cake mix into the ice cream cones. I filled mine about 1/2 to 3/4 the way full
4. Bake as per on the cake box
5. Once cooled, decorate with the icing and sprinkles

I love the idea and am so happy with how they turned out! Hopefully my co-worker enjoys them :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{ wedding wednesday } The Venue

This week, I wanted to show you our wedding venue. The thing that we loved about the venue was that it has in house catering and the view that you get from the deck. Enough with the talk, here are some pictures!

The view when you walk out the back of the venue. If you walk down the stairs, that will be where Mr.D and I will be getting married

The view to the left when you walk out the back doors

The view to the right

Mr.D, myself and the wedding party will be standing in this area for the ceremony. We are also going to put some chairs out for his grandparents and our parents

The inside of the venue. In the back right corner is the bar

Another view of the venue

Ps- only 67 days left until the wedding!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Opinions please!

With so many wedding events in the coming weeks, I have been on the hunt for dresses to wear to the different events. I found three different ones and need your opinion if they are appropriate and what kind of jewelery to wear.

The first dress is one that I was planning on wearing to the shower in Ontario and potentially the one in Alberta:

The second dress is one that I was planning to wear to the party we are having in Ontario with all of our family and friends:

The last dress is one for the wedding we are going to in a few weeks. The only thing that I can't decide is what kind of jewelery to wear with it. I was planning on wearing black high heels, but can't decide if I should go with some dangly earrings or a necklace. The best part of this dress is the was only $19! What do you think?

Do you think that the dresses are appropriate for their events? I'm open to suggestions!

ps- you are getting an over due sneak peek at our house...the stairs behind me are the ones in our living room that lead to the upstairs :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

{ weekend recap }

Another weekend has come and gone...make them stop going so fast!

On Friday, I had to run a few errands to get a birthday gift for BM T. Later on, Mr.D and I went to the delicious! We hadn't been in a long time and it was so worth it. After dinner, we just hung out and I worked on some projects.

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Mr.D's hometown which is about a 3 hour drive. Mr.D had a rugby game in the afternoon, so his mom and I did some shopping. I'm so supportive I know! I found a really cute dress at Winners, which you will be seeing tomorrow because I need some advice on it. Later in the afternoon, I had a consultation with the make up artist for the wedding. She was really nice and I am glad that I went with her. I think that I threw her off because I didn't come with any inspiration. All I told her was that I wanted simple make up as I don't wear a lot of make up on a day to day basis.

The only thing that I would want her to change is the lip color as I am not really liking it. I am also going to ask her to make the eye make up a little darker. How do you think it turned out?

On Saturday night we also went to a party for bridesmaid T's boyfriend who is finished writing all of his exams for his CFA and is finally done school. We stayed out way too late, but it was a fun night!

On Sunday, we met with the marriage commissioner to start planning the ceremony. So happy with our choice! He was very nice and seemed to care about us as a couple and wants to make sure that the ceremony is about us. After the meeting, we made the long drive home and then just relaxed the rest of the night.

How was your weekend?

Friday, June 4, 2010

{ happy friday }

I love Fridays! This week was actually kind of quiet, which makes the days really long.

This weekend we are going to Mr.D's hometown for a party with friends on Saturday night. I am meeting with the lady who is doing my make up for the wedding...she seems really nice, so hopefully it goes well. We are also meeting with the marriage commissioner on Sunday to start planning the ceremony wording. It will be nice to get that out of the way already.

On a random note, did you know in Alberta marriage license are not one set price? The prices vary between which registry office you use and can vary between $65 to $85. I think it's ridiculous!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Table Numbers

Last week I mentioned that I wanted to revisit my idea for the table numbers. I just wasn't liking my original idea anymore. This picture is what inspired my table numbers.

Here is my version:

I am really happy with how they came out. It was a super easy project too!

Cost breakdown:

$14 for 7 packages of 3 frames/pack


.69 cents

Free as it was left over from the invitations

Total: $16

I love how the table numbers incorporate Mr.D's profession into our wedding. I just hope that our guests can figure out that they are the elements from the periodic table.

How do you think they turned out?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

crush crush crush

I have a total crush on a show and the host of the show. Mr.D never used to understand why I loved this show and it's host so much, but I've since brought him to the other side. The show I am talking about is called Departures. It airs on on OLN, which I'm not sure if it is in the US or not.

Departures features two hosts named Justin and Scott, who travel to different parts of the world. I love the show because Justin and Scott are hilarious and not your typical dry travel show hosts. They go to some amazing places and find the greatest people to be their guides.

I can't remember where they were in my favourite episode, but Justin, Scott and their tour guide where in a canoe feeding the pink dolphins. (yes I said pink dolphins!) I should explain that Justin has a thing for matter where they go, he seems to find all of the animals and plays with them. So they were feeding the pink dolphins and one bite Justin's hand. Justin then exclaims, "stupid pink dolphins!" Haha that episode is a definite must see!

The wooden warriors in Rwanda

Justin mixing his love for animals

I definitely recommend you start watching this show!

ps- ten points if anyone can name the artist who sings the song from this blog title!


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