Tuesday, June 1, 2010

crush crush crush

I have a total crush on a show and the host of the show. Mr.D never used to understand why I loved this show and it's host so much, but I've since brought him to the other side. The show I am talking about is called Departures. It airs on on OLN, which I'm not sure if it is in the US or not.

Departures features two hosts named Justin and Scott, who travel to different parts of the world. I love the show because Justin and Scott are hilarious and not your typical dry travel show hosts. They go to some amazing places and find the greatest people to be their guides.

I can't remember where they were in my favourite episode, but Justin, Scott and their tour guide where in a canoe feeding the pink dolphins. (yes I said pink dolphins!) I should explain that Justin has a thing for animals..no matter where they go, he seems to find all of the animals and plays with them. So they were feeding the pink dolphins and one bite Justin's hand. Justin then exclaims, "stupid pink dolphins!" Haha that episode is a definite must see!

The wooden warriors in Rwanda

Justin mixing his love for animals

I definitely recommend you start watching this show!

ps- ten points if anyone can name the artist who sings the song from this blog title!

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  1. I have never seen or heard of this show! I will have to see if we have this in teh US!



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