Monday, June 14, 2010

{ weekend recap }

This weekend was fantastic!! The sun was finally shining and had a girls night, which was long over due!

Friday night, we drove to Mr.D's home town and then hung out with his parents. We were both tired and not up to going out.

On Saturday, bridesmaid T and I went to West Edmonton mall to look for jewelery for the girls for our wedding. We lucked out and found really cute earrings and bracelet for about $25 per girl. Hopefully the other two girls like what we picked! We also found some great deals at Old Navy...not that I needed more tank tops and cardigans...a girl can never have too many right?! In the afternoon, we met up with two other friends and hung out in the sun for the day. It was a gorgeous 28C and not a cloud in the sky! All of us were pretty red by the end of the day. We had a BBQ and just girl chatted all night. It was great to catch up with everyone! Later that night, I picked Mr.D up as he was on a stag.

Sunday, we slept in which was glorious! We headed home and made a stop at Cross Iron Mills. I was on the hunt for a shirt or dress for the stagette I am going to next week and lucked out finding one at Forever 21. Love that store! I also finally picked up flowers for our front porch, which I will have to show you later this week. We spent the night on our deck enjoying the warm weather.

Tonight, bridesmaid K and I are going to get our dresses altered ... well just fixing my bustle. Hopefully the alterations person can help figure out a bustle for my dress!

How was your weekend?


  1. Aww that sounds fantastic!

    I was LOVING the beautiful weather this weekend!! I got a little sunburn from being out on my patio on Saturday!

  2. $25/girl for jewelry is fantastic! :)

    I definitely think there is no such thing as too many cardigans. :)



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