Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{home tour tuesday}

** Edited to add more pictures of the living room and dining room**

Sorry for not having posted for the last two days...we just got back last night from our busy weekend in Ontario and there wasn't quite enough time in the day to fit in a blog post. I have lots of pictures from the weekend, so I think I will do it in a couple of posts. It was a great weekend full of sunshine, family, and fun!

This {home tour tuesday} is about the living room and dining room. I apologize ahead of time about the quality of the pictures....we got home when it was dark last night and I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures yet.

The view from our hallway

A dark picture (sorry!) of the left side of the living room

Blogger was not wanting to upload the rest of my pictures last night, so I will update the post with more pictures when I get home from work tomorrow.

The other side of the living room looking back towards the front door.

The dining room. Nothing special, but works for us right now. Also please ignore the boxes :)

Another view of the dining room


  1. Well it looks lovely even though it's dark! teh carpet looks so squishy! Love it

  2. I love how high the roof is in the living room! My mom's new house is like that too and it really opens up the room and makes it seem bigger!

    Can't believe you went all the way back to Ontario for just a weekend! Lol. Can't wait to hear about your time at home!

  3. Looks like you have tall ceilings!! Love it!!

  4. Hey you! its me! Where is this house? South Calgary? McKenzie? We're just in Cranston.



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