Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{home tour tuesday}

This {home tour tuesday} is all about the kitchen. When Mr.D and I were looking for houses, the biggest thing on our list was a large kitchen so that both of us could be in the kitchen at the same time. Our last place wasn't tiny, but it seemed like we were always in each other's way.

The view from our living room. I love the cupboard and counter space!

The view from the dining room. The door way to the left of the stairs leads to the front door

Another view

View if you are standing near the fridge

The best part of the kitchen is the walk through pantry! It's a little messy, so don't judge too hard

If you walk through the pantry, it takes you to the laundry room and to the garage. The door you can see in the back of the picture leads to the garage


  1. love your kitchen. It's perfect, in my opinion. You can see what is going in in the living room/family room. I like that the sink is on the island. Great layout!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so envious of that kitchen!!! Wow! That is awesome!!! And a huge pantry too? Love it!

  3. LOVE your kitchen! My mom's new house has a nice big kitchen like that with an island and it makes it SO MUCH EASIER for cooking!!

    When I buy a house one day the kitchen will be high on my list of priorities too! :)



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