Wednesday, July 14, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Showered with love

This weekend when I was home in Ontario, two of my mom's good friends threw me a bridal shower on Sunday. I did not expect one to be thrown for me, so it was greatly appreciated! I'll warn you now, this post might be picture heavy!

We played a few games, one of which I will explain with some pictures below. The first game was about wedding related facts from all around the world. Let's just say that I didn't win that one! The second game included me wearing an apron which was covered in kitchen utensils. I walked into the room and the ladies had about 5 minutes to name and write down as many utensils and gadgets as possible. My mom's friend who threw me the shower is a really good cook, so there were a few utensils that I had no clue what they were! The third game was the toilet paper dress. It was quite hilarious to see what some of the ladies came up with!

This was the second game that we played. Me modeling the apron with all of the gadgets on it

The beautiful apron again

The toilet paper dress game. From left to right: my dad's wife, my older brother's girlfriend, my mom's friend and my friend from elementary school. They are all so beautiful that it was hard to choose the winner!

The awesome cupcakes that had cowboy hats on them. So creative!

Some of the amazing food!

Some more of the amazing food

My future mother in law and I

My beautiful ribbon hat from all of the cards

My mom and I
I was definitely showered with love this weekend and am so appreciative of my family and friend's generosity!

Ps- one month today I will be marrying Mr.D!!!


  1. So fun!! It looks like you got completely spoiled, as you should be :) Enjoy the last month, it goes fast!

  2. These are so cute!! Love Bridal Showers!! :) You look great!

  3. Wow 1 month away! That's so exciting!
    I love that apron! And that food looks so professional! Beautiful. You are one lucky lady!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I love that apron! And you are tiny, by the way!

    Looks like a beautiful shower. The food looked SO good!!

  5. That apron is too funny! Love it! Looks so fun :)



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