Wednesday, July 7, 2010

{wedding wednesday}

Last week I showed you a preview of something that made it's way into our house and I promised I would fill you in. So, this {wedding wednesday} that's exactly what I am going to talk about today.

First, to fully explain why we bought a popcorn machine, you should know that Mr.D and I both LOVE movie theatre popcorn. Secondly, you should know that we are not having a wedding cake or favors at our wedding.

Instead of a candy buffet which is wildly popular in the wedding world right now, we decided to have a popcorn buffet. Sure, it's not the cheapest to buy a popcorn machine, but believe me, we will definitely get a lot of use out of it after the wedding!

Last week, we went to Winners and found 5 vases. Two tall, two medium and one small....just what I had in mind. The plan is to have 4 butter, white cheddar, dill pickle and salt & vinegar.

The popcorn machine in all of it's glory!

The vases filled with popcorn before we ate all of it!

The vases with the signs in front of them

All of the signs lined up

I forgot to take a picture of the bags that I decorated for people to fill up with popcorn. I promise to show you next week! I also still plan to wrap either brown or green ribbon around the vases, but haven't quite decided on what color yet.

How do you think it turned out? Would you love to snack on popcorn at a wedding?


  1. OMG - GENIUS! Love that idea. I am so not a cake person so love this alternative idea! it's just pure genius. How fun.

    My friends have a theater room in their basement and plan on buying one of these popcorn machines. Such a fun idea! :) Love the signs. Love the whole idea.

  2. What a neat and original idea! I would LOVE a popcorn machine!!

  3. Omg movie theatre popcorn is the BEST THING EVER.

    I think this is such a fantastic idea!!! It shows off your personality AND is something you'll put to good use AFTER the wedding. I agree with Lisa - GENIUS!



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