Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{wedding wednesday}

Back in February, I did a post about the bridal party survival kits that I wanted to put together for my bridesmaids. This {wedding wednesday} is about those kits.

I decided that I wasn't happy with the original bags that I had all of the survival kit items in, so I was on the hunt for some cute make up bags that the girls could use again in the future. I lucked out and found three bags at Winners for $9 each. I also decided that the kits needed 'more', so I bought each of the girls favorite mascara and lip gloss. I slyly asked them to suggest their favorite because I was looking for a new one for the sneaky I am!

The bags. Winners only had two of the same, so I decided to get a different color for my MOH.

The contents of the bridal party survival kits. In the brown package are bobby pins.

What else do you think I should add? I feel like I want to put something else in there, but not exactly sure what. I am also paying for their make up to be done on the wedding day.

Ps- 24 days until the wedding!!


  1. Such a cute idea!! I don't know if you have seen those little disposable/travel toothbrushes...Swishers, I think? I threw those into the bridal emergency kit at my sis-in-law's wedding and everyone raved about them!! Perfect for freshening up before pictures!

  2. You found my blog, so now I'm checking out yours! I love it! And its nice to have another Ontario person to relate to out here! Although I was born up North, I grew up in Southern Ontario and spent my summers up North. I moved back for my last year of school and stayed.

    Congrats on the looming wedding, you must be getting excited!

  3. Oo, fun, they will love it! Maybe throw in some chapstick, too? And maybe some of thoes travel packets of advil or tylenol? Those are things I would appreciate as a bridesmaid. What a clever thing to do - esp the mascara/lip gloss thing!

  4. I love this idea of a survival kit. I'm just checking out some of your wedding posts since I wasn't following you back then. :)



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