Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{weekend recap}

This weekend was busy, busy, busy! My body is definitely feeling it today. I even managed to convince Mr.D to drive part of the 3 hour drive home and I had a delightful hour nap...it was wonderful!

On Friday night after work, Mr.D and I drove up to his hometown. My mom flew into his hometown, so Mr.D's mom was nice and picked up my mom from the airport. We didn't do much that night, just hung out and caught up with our moms.

On Saturday, we went to the market that is near Whyte Ave, which is a funky street that has restaurants, bars, shops, etc. We also stopped in at Daddeo's, which is a New Orleans style restaurant. They have the best sweet potato fries! Later that night, we met up with one of my bridesmaids and a couple of friends for fondue. I had never been before and it was so delicious and so much fun! I would definitely go back just for the cheese and chocolate fondue. The funniest part was that I ordered a drink and the waitress asked me for my i.d. but no one else's. We all laughed pretty hard about that! After dinner, we went back to bridesmaid T's condo for some games and drinks. For the one game, there were a bunch of different underwear wrapped up in bags, and I had to guess who brought each pair...I sucked at that game! After the drinks and games, we went to a bar that has dueling pianos. It was kind of disappointing because they only played three songs on the piano, but we still had a great time! I definitely was not as drunk as Mr.D was on his stag, haha!

On Sunday, my mother in law and sister in law threw me a bridal shower. I don't have any pictures from either Saturday night or Sunday, so I am going to wait to do a full recap until I get them. It's so much better with pictures!

Yesterday, we drove my mom to the airport bright and early. I was sad that she had to go home already, but she will be back in about two weeks for the wedding. So excited!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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