Thursday, August 26, 2010

I left my heart in San Fran {part three}

On our third day in San Francisco, we went to Alcatraz island. We had pre-bought our tickets on-line, so all we had to do is line up at our boarding time. The ferry ride to Alcatraz is about 15 minutes and there is a ferry returning to San Francisco about every 30-45 minutes.

While we were at Alcatraz, we did the audio tour which was more interesting than we thought it was going to be. Not going to lie, we got a little bored of it after a while, so we stopped the audio tour and just went walking around on our own. Overall, it was interesting to see, but we were kind of annoyed that a lot of areas were closed off to the general public.

The view as you come onto Alcatraz

Old run down buildings on the island. Another day without a single cloud in the sky!

Haha Mr.D in one of the cells

The view of Alcatraz while we were walking around

Later in the afternoon, we went on a trolley car adventure to find Ike's Place, which I saw on Meghann's blog when she was in San Francisco. Ike's place is literally a hole in the wall...only enough room for them to make the sandwiches and for one person at a time to pay. When we got there, there was quite a line up already but they moved through everyone really fast. I had the 1/2 spiffy tiffy, which was so good! I ate about half of the sandwich was so full! Mr.D had the M.I.L.F....which included stuffed jalepeno poppers. I think he might have died and gone to heaven when eating that sandwich!

Ike's small, yet so delicious!

Other than that, we hung out in our hotel a lot that day as we were both really tired. Go to Ike's place if you are ever in San Francisco!


  1. Alcatraz looks so fun!! I know what you mean about big attractions like that having lots of places closed off to the tourists - it was like that when we were in Europe. So annoying!

  2. Cool! Ike's sounds amazing!! I'm hungry now!

  3. It's been so fun to see SF through your eyes. My best friend just went there for her babymoon so between her posts & your posts, it makes me really want to go there!!

  4. Fun! I LOVED Ike's! now I'm craving on of their delicious sandwiches!!

    And I've been to San Fran twice and have never gone to Alcatrz - I really need to do it just to say that I've done it on my next visit :)

  5. Looks like such a fun trip! We totally want to go. Congrats!

  6. Loving these posts, thanks for pointing me towards them! I am going to find Ike's for sure :)



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