Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I left my heart in San Fran {part two}

Wednesday was our first full day in San Francisco and as the weather was beautiful, we decided to rent bikes from Blazing Saddles, which has a few locations in the San Francisco area. I think it was about ~$40/person for the day to rent the bikes, which was kind of expensive, but worth it!

Mr.D on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge

Almost there- looking out towards the city of San Fran

Getting even closer!

Myself about half way across the bridge. Not a single cloud in the sky that day!

After we crossed the bridge, we decided to keep biking into the town of Sausalito. Neither of us brought a watch and we forgot our Garmin, so I have no idea how long it took us or how far it was. Sausalito is such a gorgeous little town! We stopped for a quick lunch and then kept biking to the Old Mill Park (not sure if that's the correct name). After the park, we were both pretty tired as it was hot that day, so we decided to take the ferry back from Sausalito.

Us in the town of Sausalito

Houses on our bike ride back towards the ferry

On the ferry ride back to San Fran. Don't mind the huge water spot over my eye :)

That night, we went out for dinner to a place called the Franciscan. Mr.D had heard good things about it and really wanted to try crab. Overall, it was pretty good. I wasn't super impressed with my meal choice, but the crab that Mr.D had was very tasty!

Haha I love Mr.D's bib!

**Just a warning, I am going to be linking to most of the places that we went and things we did in San Francisco. I was searching for blogs with things to do and restaurants to go to before our trip, so hopefully these posts will be helpful for someone

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  1. I hope to go there some day so it's helpful to me!



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