Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{wedding wednesday}

Holy crap batman, there are only 10 days until the wedding!! That is beyond crazy to me. And next week it will be even crazier that the wedding is only 3 days until the wedding! I am starting to get nervous, but in an excited way. I am ready to see how everything comes together and to finally put on my dress!

This weekend, I finally had time to sit down and work on some wedding related projects. I finished:

1) The programs (and started in one day! haha)
2) Table challenges
  • the best one by far is having to acquire a condom and give it to one of my bridesmaids! haha
3) Finalized the seating plan
4) Bought a clutch
5) Bought false eye lashes and mascara for the wedding day
6) Out of town information packets

I still have to finish:
1) The reserved signs for the chairs for the ceremony
  • We are having chairs for our parents and grandparents and everyone else will be standing
2) Escort cards
  • I need to write out the names and table numbers on each one
3) Spray paint the box for the programs
4) Send wedding day details to our photographer

For some reason blogger is not liking me today, or else I would have shown you pictures of the clutch that I bought and the finished programs. I will try again tomorrow!

For you married blog readers out there, any pieces of advice in my final days before the wedding?!


  1. The piece of advice I have is to have someone on the wedding day who is incharge and who isn't you or your hubby. Everyone kept asking me questions all morning before the wedding and it was stressing me out. I had a little freak out saying that I wasn't making any more decisions at all. And after that everything was great!

    YAY it's so close!!

  2. holy batman - it's 10 days away? oh wow! Sounds like everything is coming together!!!



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