Friday, September 10, 2010

{happy friday}

Happy Friday everyone! Thank you for all of your input and opinions yesterday on whether or not I should cut my hair. Definitely thinking about cutting my hair now...just have to make an appointment and go through with it.

This weekend, I am:

  • meeting up with Rachel. Woo for blogger meet-ups!
  • starting to paint one of the spare bedrooms. Can you tell I have a decorating itch?
  • doing a 5k walk for ovarian cancer on Sunday with some ladies from work. Fingers crossed that it isn't raining on Sunday!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ps- just because it's Friday and I hope this will make someone laugh, I have an embarassing story to share. Last night while making dinner, Mr.D and I realized that our fridge wasn't as cold as it normally is. Thinking that something was wrong, we called Mr.D's dad who is mister fix it to see if he had any ideas of how we can fix it. He suggested turning the power off and on, but still no fix. We were both starting to freak out that we'd have to call someone in to come and fix it. We open the freezer and realize that there is a dial to turn off the freezer/fridge and our full freezer drawer somehow turned the dial to off. We both started laughing at our selves and said duh!


  1. Have a great weekend! Yay for blogger meet ups!

    That is funny about the fridge/freezer!! Once I made my fridge/freezer way too COLD and then my lettuce in the FRIDGE got all crispy and frozen. Whoopsie!

  2. hahaha too funny! Can't wait for tonight!

  3. Ha, that is funny about the fridge! I am terrible at figuring out the cause of problems w/ things around the house!

    Have a fabulous weekend! Hope the 5k goes well!



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