Thursday, September 2, 2010

I left my heart in San Fran {part four}

On our final full day in San Francisco, we tried to fit in as much stuff as we could! The four days went by really fast and it would have been nice to have two more full days to do stuff. That day, we went to: china town, the fisherman's wharf, the ferry building, San Francisco Art Institute and to the Cliff House for dinner.

First up is the ferry building. We were both interested in seeing what was there, but to tell you the truth, it wasn't that exciting. There were a bunch of little food shops. We stopped at one called Miette to try macaroons. I can't remember exactly what kind we had, but they were delicious!

After we went to the ferry building, we checked out the Fisherman's Wharf. OK, I won't lie, Mr.D really wanted to go to in-n-out burger...don't ask me why.

Next up was the San Francisco Art Institute which had some of the most gorgeous views of the city! There was also this room filled with drawings by one artist... I can't remember the artist's name, but it was a really cool show.

Mr.D checking out all of the drawings

This was a wall full of different hands all connected. It was really funky!

On our final night, we decided to go out for a romantic and nice dinner out before we left San Fran. We decided to go to the Cliff House, which is such a beautiful place! There is the bistro and then the actual restaurant, and we liked the sounds of the bistro menu better. Although it was dark by the time we got to the restaurant, the view out to the water was amazing. I think everything from the service to the food to the experience was amazing!

Us at dinner

Myself with my delicious dinner!

Mr.D with his ultra delicious dinner! It was so, so, so good!
Overall, both Mr.D and I enjoyed San Francisco and were so happy that we decided to choose it for our honeymoon. Although it was pretty busy with tourists during the time we were there, it was still fun to experience all of the sights and sounds. If anyone has any questions about things we did or places we ate, feel free to ask :)
And just because I love this picture....

Myself in front of the "full house" houses


  1. Haha I LOVE that last picture of you! I hope I can go there one day, it looks great!!

  2. I was totally obsessed w/ Full House when I was a child, so I love that last pic!

    I am glad that you had such a fabulous honeymoon! Sounds like that dinner the last night was awesome - glad you ended thigns on a high note!!

  3. I totally want to go to San Francisco now!



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