Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{wedding wednesday} Rehearsal dinner

On the Friday night before our wedding, Mr.D's parents graciously opened their house to both sides of our family and friends for our rehearsal dinner. I am so lucky to have such caring and kind in-laws!

Since a lot of my family was coming from out of town and some of Mr.D's, we decided to invite all of the out of town guests plus our wedding party and their partners. That equalled about 45ish people! The weather didn't fully cooperate that night, but it was nice enough that people could spread out to the backyard and not have to be crammed into the house. Mr.D's parents kept it low key by having a BBQ with lots of side dishes for everyone. It was perfect.

Our marriage commissioner came to the house to do our run through as our venue was booked for that night, so we were unable to use the venue. I am glad that we had the rehearsal as our marriage commissioner made sure everyone knew what they were doing and when. It helped keep me calm on the wedding day!

My niece being the centre of attention :)

Bridesmaid T, myself, my niece and my brother in law

My sister in law, her sisters and myself. I was explaining on how to set up everything the next day. They were life savers doing it for me!

Girls chatting

Some of the crowd

My mom, my aunt and my dad's wife

The rehearsal dinner was very laid back and the perfect thing for the night before the wedding. I was so grateful to be able to sit back and chat with some of our family and friends as I knew the wedding day was going to be super busy.

Before the rehearsal dinner, my bridesmaid's and I put together all of centre pieces and bouquets. It was quite the project, but so glad that we did them ourselves. And I think they turned out fabulously!

My bridesmaid's and I ended up leaving the rehearsal dinner around 10pm to head to the hotel for the night. We were all pretty tired when we got back to the hotel and after dealing with the drama of getting a king bed for a 4 girls, we laid in bed and chatted. We were in bed by midnight, as the big day was the next morning!


  1. Aw nice! Our rehearsal dinner was also super relaxed. We just had a backyard BBQ.

  2. The rehearsal dinner is one of my fave parts of the wedding weekend. It's usually more laid back and it's a smaller, more intimate group so you get more of a chance to talk to the bride and groom. I am glad yours was a relaxing event!



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