Thursday, September 30, 2010

{what i'm loving}

Every Wednesday, Jamie at this kind of love does what i'm loving series of posts. Since I have decided to recap all of my wedding related events on Wednesdays, I thought I would do this post idea, but on Thursdays instead. I'll definitely be linking up to Jamie's fabulous blog (you should check her out!) once my wedding recaps are done :)

This week, I am loving:

{one} The sun! It has stayed out all of this week and the weather has been fabulous! So not ready for winter.

{two} My bike. Although it's not super fancy, it allows me to get outside after work for a ride while enjoying the sun shine.

{three} My mom. Since I don't get to see my mom that often, it means a lot to me when we are able to have a great conversation on the phone. I miss her!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I am glad the sun has been shining where you are as well. We have had gorgeous weather this week, too! I hope it stays like this for quite awhile!

  2. I LOVE that photo of you and your mom!! Your dress looks amazing!

  3. Aw I miss my mom too! And I'm jealous that you have a bike.

  4. Your wedding dress looks AMAZING in that picture! Love it!

    I'm also loving that we have the same birthday! I'm going to mark my calendar!

  5. I LOVE your wedding dress. Beautiful! And great things to be loving this thursday!

  6. congratulations on your recent marriage! you looked stunning. i just got married, too. it's so fun to be a newlywed! enjoy that sunshine and your bike :)

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  8. You look gorgeous!



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