Wednesday, October 20, 2010

{wedding wednesday} First look

This week's {wedding wednesday} is all about our first look. While planning our wedding, Mr.D and I decided that because a good portion of our guests were coming from out of town, it was important to us that the ceremony and reception were close together and in the same location. Because of this, it meant that we had to do our pictures before the ceremony. I never had an issue with seeing Mr.D before the ceremony, but I definitely got some flack from one of my bridesmaids.

My handsome husband

Making my way to Mr.D and holding back the tears

Getting closer

First look of each other that day after all of that planning. The look on Mr.D's face was something I will remember forever

I didn't think Mr.D would cry when he saw me for the first time, but tears were shed. I was wiping away his happy tears :)

Just a few kisses to start the day off :)

I am so, so happy that we decided to do a first look. Although I was still really nervous for the ceremony, I think it helped calm me down a lot, and I will always treasure those moments that Mr.D and I had together alone.


  1. Beautiful series of shots Leigh! So sweet!

  2. Aw, how sweet that he cried when he saw you! What a sweet moment!

    I think it is very common to do a first look before the ceremony... That's how they have done it for every wedding I have been in except my one brother's. I think it would be nice to wait until you walk down the aisle but then you wouldn't get that intimate moment!

  3. Ah I love this!!! So sweet and so beautiful! :)

  4. We did a first look too. I think it's more intimate that way. And I felt much better after I saw John Paul. I think I would have been more nervous at the ceremony if we hadn't done that.

    LOVE your pictures!!

  5. Aw these photos are so beautiful!

    I am all for the first look and taking pictures before the ceremony! I don't think there is anything wrong with this :-)

  6. oh I love the series of photos!! I kinda wish we would have done this, but we were pressed for time beoth before and after the ceremony. I could have taken wedding photos forever and ever.

  7. Beautiful photos, I can't wait to see more!



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