Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UPDATE: Music help!

A few weeks ago, I asked for you guys to recommend some songs that you like running to. I thought I would do an update with some the songs that people suggested and others that I’ve found.

The most common artist that was recommended with Rihanna and Eminem. Any songs by both artists are awesome to run/workout to!

Brittany commented and left me an awesome list that included:
1. Rihanna - Fire Bomb
2. Kanye West - Runaway
3. Christina Aguilera - Vanity
5. Eminem - Love the Way You Lie
6. Edward Maya - Stereo Love
7. David Guetta Feat Fergie - Gettin Over You
8. Rihanna - Rockstar 101
9. Yolanda Be Cool - We Speak No Americano
10. Far East Movement - Like a G6
11. Nicki Minaj - Right Through Me
12. Sydney Samson - Riverside (Original mix)
13. Wynter Gordon - Dirty Talk
14. Usher - Hottie Tottie

From that list, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the song We Speak No Americano by Yolanda Be Cool. Such a fun beat to the song that helps me power up some of the hills in our area! I also really like Stereo Love by Edward Maya.

On my own, I added:
1.  Christina Perry- Jar of Hearts
2. Ludacris- My Chick Bad
3. Phoenix- 1901
4. Fort Minor- Remember the Name

Hope this list helps someone pump up their run or workout time Smile

Ps- I have an exciting announcement later this week. I promise I’m not pregnant and no, I haven’t signed up to run a full marathon! Check back later this week to find out Smile


  1. Another good running song is Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira ft. Freshly Ground

  2. Awesome list, I will have to get Justin to do this for me, I am no good with music...

  3. A new job? I love exciting announcements!

  4. Ha... I love that you had to put that disclaimer out there & say that you aren't pregnant!

    I love Phoenix's whole CD. I run to it quite a bit. I also really like Teenage Dream by Katie Perry. Not a fan of her in general, but I Love that song!

  5. I like Survivor form Destiny's Child...right when I am about to stop runnign and walk I put it on! I also do that with Fighter by Christina Aguilera!

  6. Oh good list! I get to start running again next week *happy dance* so will have to stock up my iPod shuffle with some new music :-)

    Can't wait for your announcement. I bet it's work related ;-)

  7. Thanks for sharing. I need some new non-Country music. I'm going to listen to these when I get home!

  8. I love all these songs! I really need to update my iPod. LOL

  9. oohh...I'm really interested to hear what the news is!



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