Wednesday, November 17, 2010

{wedding wednesday} reception details

This week’s {wedding wednesday} is all about the little details that made our reception ours. The biggest thing that I wanted for our wedding, was the little details and to do a lot of the projects myself.

From the get go of wedding planning, Mr.D and I knew that we didn’t want to have a wedding cake. Both of us LOVE popcorn, so it was easy for us to come up with the idea of having a popcorn buffet. It was a huge hit!

l_b (345 of 641)l_b (344 of 641)l_b (346 of 641)l_b (353 of 641)l_b (519 of 641)

For the popcorn bags, I stamped the word ‘enjoy’ onto them to dress them up. 

Another super easy and quick project!l_b (544 of 641)

Next up is our table numbers. I knew for our table numbers, we didn’t want something traditional and wanted to incorporate “us” into them. I came up with the idea of using the elements from the periodic table, which incorporated Mr.D’s job.
l_b (351 of 641)
l_b (349 of 641)
l_b (348 of 641)

Another DIY project was the cocktail napkins that I embossed. You can see the tutorial here. An easy project, but a little time consuming.

l_b (347 of 641)

Instead of doing a seating plan, I decided to make escort cards with everyone’s name on them and their table number. From there, we let everyone figure out where at the table they wanted to sit. Less stress on me!

l_b (352 of 641)

Our programs were actually a last minute decision. I think I designed them and put them together the weekend before the wedding! They included information about the ceremony, our families, the wedding party and the reception. The bin for the programs, I ‘borrowed’ from work and spray painted it white. Super easy and super cheap!

l_b (376 of 641)
l_b (358 of 641)

I loved our card box because my dad hand made it. It definitely added a personal and loving touch! The wooden letters that spelt out the word ‘cards’ I bought from Michaels and painted green. Another easy and cheap DIY project!
l_b (386 of 641)

My dad even carved our names into the box!
l_b (525 of 641)


  1. I LOVED that you guys had a popcorn buffet. I think that is so so so cool!

    All the DIY projects you did for the wedding are amazing, you are just so crafty!

  2. Wow your dad is amazing! he did such a good job on your card box. And I love your idea of doing popcorn!

  3. I LOVE the popcorn buffet! What a cute idea. I really wish you would have gotten married before me so I could steal some of your fab DIY projects!

  4. We didn't do a cake either! I love the popcorm idea! We had a sundae bar. Cool table names too! :)

  5. I love everything you did!
    Again, I'm so jealous of your craftiness!

  6. I love how much personal time and effort you put into doing things yourself!! Very crafty! Were the guests wondering where the cake was?

  7. Beautiful wedding colors! I really like how the color of the popcorn bar went so well with your overall color scheme!

  8. A popcorn buffet?! This is a awesome idea! I have never seen it before, so creative!

    I have just realized how similar our wedding colours were!



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