Thursday, November 18, 2010

{what i’m loving}

Happy Thursday everyone! As always, I am following Jamie's {what i’m loving} posts, but as I do my wedding recaps on Wednesday, I am doing it on Thursday. Make sure you check out her fun blog!


{one} That today is my Friday! My work offers us to work a compressed work week, which allows us to have every third Friday off. It is so nice to have the day off to get stuff done or go to appointments.

{two} My puppy Harley. I can’t believe that we’ve had him for a week already! Every night I say to Mr.D that I think he’s getting bigger already. I love being able to pick him up and have puppy cuddles as I call them with him.
Of course I had to include a couple of pictures!

{three} My husband. I had a few rough nights adjusting to having Harley in our house on the weekend and he was so supportive and loving as I shed some tears.  He is definitely my rock and I love him for it! Not to mention he’s kind of cute Smile
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Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. It's great to have some Fridays off! I love this idea!

  2. Lucky you for Friday off! Harley is so cute! :)
    Perhaps Lily, Cruz and I could come meet him this weekend, whatever works better for you - Sat or Sun. Stay warm! :)

  3. Hooray for having every 3rd Friday off! That is awesome!

    Love how supportive Mr. D is. You guys are the perfect pair!

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry you had tears over your puppy! How is all that going. Tell me everything!!!

  5. Tears over an animal are normal don't worry :) I shed A LOT of ANGRY tears when Webster chewed up my $40 headphones the day after I bought them since he'd already chewed the ones that came WITH my iPod!!!

    You and Mr.D are just the CUTEST! :D

  6. Harley is adorable! Oh, and of course, so's your hubby. ;)



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