Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers {part two}

Sorry about the no post yesterday. I was dead tired when we got home on Sunday and I had zero motivation to blog. I’m back at it today though!


Last week, I started to answer your questions that you had asked me earlier in the week. Today, I’ll be answering the restSmile

1. Cafe Moka asked: “are you a shopaholic"?”
I would have to say no. Ever since we bought our house, got married and got a puppy, I’ve been really good with how I spend my money. Of course I will buy clothes as I need them, but I definitely don’t go shopping every week anymore.

2. Amber asked: “what is the one thing that Mr.D and I disagree on?”
We have pretty much the same way of thinking about things except for how many kids we will have. I want three while Mr.D wants two. I keep trying to bribe him or ask him what happens if we have two girls…I know he’ll want to try for a boy and I’ll get my third child Smile

3.  Amber asked: “how has marriage changed our relationship?”
A lot of people have asked us that and I really don’t think that it has changed much at all. We lived together for almost two years before we were married, so we had the responsibilities all sorted out.  I’d be nervous if things started to really change after we were married!

4. Brittany asked: “how many puppy names did you have picked out before deciding on Harley? Was it hard to choose?”
We actually didn’t have many names picked out for our future dog. We were trying to come up with some and we failed miserably! The top ones were Harley or Dexter. He’s definitely a Harley Smile

5. Brittany asked: “have any baby names picked out?”
Not really. We have a few that both of us like, but nothing set in stone that we HAVE to name our future child. Names are hard!

6. Kristin asked:" how did you meet your hubby"?”
Mr.D and I met in Mexico. You can read our story here.

7. Jessica asked: “what is my favorite food?”
Ok, a well known fact about me is that when I was younger I was the pickiest eater. So picky that my favorite foods were: Diet Coke, chips and chicken. Today my tastes have expanded, but I still love all three.

8. Jessica asked: “when/where/how you started your blog?”
I started my blog in November 2009 after I had been reading and not commenting on a lot of blogs for a long time.  One of the first blogs that I used to read on a daily basis was Lisa's blog.  I started my blog as a way to keep track of my wedding planning process and have enjoyed it ever since! I never thought I would have 46 people reading my little ol’ blog!

9. Kelly asked": “where was my favorite vacation ever?”
I would have to say either Cancun, Mexico because I met Mr.D on that trip and nothing beats the sun and sand! I also really enjoyed San Francisco and everything it had to offer!

Thanks for to everyone for asking the questions. I had fun answering them!


  1. Good answers! How fun to meet in Mexico?!

  2. Good answers! I am going to read yours and Mr. D's story about meeting again because I don't think I remember it!!

  3. OH, and PS: Erics mom wanted 3 kids and his dad only wanted 2. Good thing for me his mom won out four years after his brother was born and they had Eric :D

  4. I didn't know I was one of the first blogs you started reading. That makes me feel kind of special. ;)

  5. I wish I had started blogging when I got married, I don't know why I didn't!

    As for your picky foods, I cannot live without chips. Salty over sweet ANY day of the week. ;)



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