Tuesday, December 21, 2010

That silly dog…

So every night Mr.D and I go into our basement to watch tv as that’s where our tv is. There is a door at the first set of stairs that lead to and from the basement, which we keep shut so Harley doesn’t run upstairs and pee before we can make it up there. For some reason, there are nights where he wants nothing to do with being downstairs so he will sit on the stairs.

This is how I found him tonight when I came around the corner:

I don’t have a clue how that is comfortable for him, but it seriously made me laugh!

On another note, I did this work out on Sunday and my abs, legs and arms hurt sooo bad the next day! It took me 10 minutes and 48 seconds to do. So a really fast work out, but it’s killer!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Hahahaha that is soooo funny! I love it! Lol

  2. Aw Harley! He looks so much bigger than when you first got him already!

  3. Cruz sits just like that, must be a lab thing. He looks bigger! :)
    That Crossfit sounds fun and crazy! Good for you.

  4. Haha! My sister's dog sits like that too. He's a great dane and it looks HILARIOUS.

    Thank you for posting that workout, I didn't feel like driving 20 minutes to my gym on a day off so I'll have to knock this out. Let's see how I do!!

  5. Oh too funny I too don't see how that can be comfy



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