Wednesday, December 1, 2010

{wedding wednesday} all the pretty details

This week’s {wedding wednesday} is getting pretty darn close to my last one.  I’m kind of sad that my wedding recaps are almost done…it seems like just yesterday that it was our wedding day.

This week, I wanted to show you some more details for our wedding. 

l_b (58 of 641)

My shoes 

l_b (63 of 641)

My wedding clutch 

l_b (64 of 641)


l_b (65 of 641)

Bracelet that was my late grandmother’s 
 l_b (66 of 641)l_b (188 of 641)

The boys and their socks. Loved them!

 l_b (216 of 641)

My bouquet and charm. I loved how it turned out!

 l_b (402 of 641)l_b (419 of 641)

Our rings 

l_b (420 of 641)

l_b (641 of 641)l_b (546 of 641)

The details of my dress. I would wear it over and over again if I could!

Next week, I will show you our ‘day after’ shoot photos. I loved how they turned out as well!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I love all of the details! I loved my dress too, and put it on 2 years later for a photo shoot, because I am crazy like that. Can't wait to see the day after photos!

  2. I just love your pictures! And the details on your dress are so gorgeous!

    Happy Wednesday to you!

  3. So beautiful. I love it all, LOVE the earings, shoes, charm, bracelet. Wow. Stunning. I love your after shoot, can't wait to see more. I will have to come back and look Monday, darnit!

  4. Love all the details! You were such a gorgeous bride!

    I am a sucker for argyle so love the boys socks. :)

  5. Omg your dress is just gorgeous!!!!

    Love all the details - so pretty :)

  6. I love everything! And I too would wear my wedding dress over and over again!

  7. I swear I think I wore the same earrings on my wedding day! John Paul gave them to me the night before the wedding. I'm looking when I get home!

    I wish I would have done a wedding recap like this. Such an awesome idea!

  8. Gorgeous! I loved these!

  9. I would love to wear my dress again too! Let's have a wedding dress party. ;)

  10. WOW, I love every single bit of what you posted. Your gown details are GORGEOUS, the argyle socks are awesome, and your bouquet and charm were perfect, along with everything else! LOVE!!!!



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