Monday, December 6, 2010

{weekend recap}

I’m back!! Well as long as this week at work isn’t as crazy as last week, I will be posting every day.

This weekend was a pretty low key, which was perfect. On Friday night, Mr.D and I ran to the mall to get a few Christmas presents. I only have a few things left to buy and then I’ll be done. Super excited about that!

On Saturday morning, I ran the Santa Shuffle with two co-workers. It was pretty chilly that morning, but it was actually a great race! Considering I haven’t really ran in the past three weeks, I finished in just over 28 minutes which I am super happy of! My last two 5k’s were 29 and 33 minutes, so this was fantastic! It was one of my co-worker’s first time running a 5k, so they took a bit longer, but she finished strong Smile

Myself and one of my co-workers in our crazy Christmas hats :)

Mr.D went skiing that day with a co-worker so Harley and I hung out at home for the day. Later that night, it was my friend K’s birthday, so I went to her place for some drinks. It was great catching up as we both have been really busy lately!

Yesterday, we spent the day cleaning up the house and putting up our Christmas tree and decorations. I was pretty excited as it is our first tree together as our last place wasn’t big enough for us to have one. It’s making me excited for Christmas Smile

Our tree
All of Mr.D’s snowbabies on our mantel
Harley says ‘Merry Christmas everyone!’

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. Congrats on your time :) That picture of your pup and the tree is adorable!

  2. Harley is already growing so much! Your tree looks great!

  3. Oh my gosh he is getting big! Wow. What a cutie.
    Good work on your 5k time. Awesome!
    I got your order! :)

  4. Harley looks adorable in front of the tree!! I can't believe you got him to pose for a picture!!

  5. I love that picture of Harley SO MUCH! Your tree looks great. We are not doing one this year for the same reason you guys didn't last year - our place is wayyy too small! Hopefully next year we'll have a bigger place and can have a tree :)

  6. Your tree looks cute! It's just not quite Christmas w/out a tree, so I am glad you have plenty of space for one!! And Harley is so cute!!

  7. Harley is so cute!! And I love the blue on the christmas tree!

  8. Aw, look at Harley with the tree! So adorable.

  9. Love the tree & LOVE Harley!! ADORABLE!

  10. Love the Christmas decorations and congrats on a great 5k :)



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