Monday, December 20, 2010

{weekend recap}

Can someone please invent the trick to make the weekend last longer and the week go by faster?! I still can’t believe that next weekend is Christmas…I’m just not in that spirit yet.

On Friday night, Mr.D and I went out to celebrate his birthday to a restaurant called Charcut, which is in the downtown area. We had heard really good things about the restaurant from friends, but overall neither of us were really super impressed by it. The food was good, but for the price it wasn’t worth it to us.  I think the atmosphere really put us off too..there was a table of 4 ladies close to us who were really loud and we couldn’t quite hear our own thoughts over them. And our server was kind of weird and took forever to get us stuff. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

On Saturday, Mr.D’s parent’s came down for a visit. My MIL and I made perogies…they are quite the work, but so good! We ended up making about 6 dozen. Later that night, we went out for dinner to celebrate Mr.D’s birthday again, but with his parent’s this time Smile

Yesterday, we had brunch and then Mr.D’s parent’s headed home. Just a quick visit, but it was nice to see them. I spent the rest of the day making Christmas cookies (so hard not to eat them!).

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. Yum! Christmas Cookies! I need to make some this week. Sounds like a really fun weekend! I love when parents visit!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! That's too bad that the restaurant didn't live up to your expectations. Disappointing to spend a good amoutn of money and not be super pleased...

    My weekend flew by, too. I met my friend's baby on Saturday afternoon and then went to a Christmas party on Saturday night. All in all, a very fun weekend!

  3. I ate SO MANY COOKIES this weekend! Good for you for resisting ;)

  4. I made cookies too! And I made enough that I am over it until next Christmas lol

  5. Sorry the restaurant wasn't so great, but yay for Christmas cookies! YUM!



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