Thursday, December 9, 2010

{what i’m loving}


As always, I am doing the {what i’m loving} Wednesday post on Thursday. But as of next week, my {wedding wednesday} posts are all done, so I’ll be doing it on Wednesday. Make sure you check out Jamie's fabulous blog!

This week, I am loving:

{one} I won my first giveaway! I seriously have the worst luck ever, and never win anything. I entered a giveaway on a whim and it was my lucky day! Thanks again Danica!

{two} Nice people. Yesterday, I went to the post office to mail two packages for my family for Christmas. The lady behind the counter gave me her discount for small businesses which saved me money! It was definitely appreciated and totally unexpected.

{three} It’s almost Friday! The past week and a half have been really busy at work, so I am looking forward to the weekend.

{four} My lovely blog followers! Thank each and every one of you who leaves me sweet comments day in and day out. I definitely appreciate them! Smile

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I love unexpected acts of kindness like the one you experienced at the post office yesterday!! So nice to save a little money!

    Yea for winning a give away! So exciting!!

  2. #1 YAY!! so fun!
    #2 How nice of that woman?!

    Have a great day!

  3. Yay for winning a giveaway! I've only ever won one!!

    Happy Thursday :)

  4. Good work on the win! So fun! Have a great day! :)

  5. That was sweet of the post office lady! Mine is a bear, you are so lucky! Haha

  6. Aww yay! nice people are awesome! I still have to mail my Ontario presents, but my germany presents are mailed. Save for the blanket which will be mailed on Saturday (and therefor probably late, but oh well!)

  7. What a nice post office lady!!! I have to mail oodles of packages, so I really hope I run into a magical discount fairy, too!! Hehe!!



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