Friday, January 14, 2011

{happy friday}

First, happy Friday everyone! Since I didn’t have any days off this week due to snow storms I am ready for Friday and the weekend.

Second, thank you to everyone for your comments yesterday on my post regarding jealousy. There were a few comments that put things into perspective for me and made me think about the subject in a different way. I am always scared to put it out there for others to read about the flaws that I have, but you guys are amazing!

Third, on Thursday night we tried this recipe for asian-style turkey meatballs. The only thing that I changed about the recipe was that I used ground chicken and less hot pepper sauce. They were so delicious and so simple to make! It’s a definite keeper for our menu.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that they are warmer than Calgary is right now….-20C with wind chills down to –30….not fun at all!


  1. I will have to try that recipe! Well we should only have a few more days of the cold because next week tuesday is suppose to be ZERO!!! YAY

  2. Yum - those meatballs look great!

    I went back and read the comments on yesterday's post - lots of great comments!!

    Burr, that is cold... It is cold here, but not THAT cold. I am escaping to warmer temps tonight and CAN'T WAIT. I can't wait to see my sister tonight... and to meet my best friend's baby tomorrow! So excited!

  3. Happy Friday!!

    It's supposed to get super warm here this weekend meaning it's going to be very messy and yucky as all the snow melts!!

  4. Temps are getting down there out here in Quebec too. My ears are not happy haha.

  5. It's gotten colder today around here too! Yuck, and no snow days for me either. No fair.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You had a lot of guts to blog about your flaws, I couldn't! I've had bad experience before (not with blogs, but other internet public devices...not good).

    Gotta try that meatball recipe! I'm always looking for new stuff to try!

  7. YUM! Those meatballs sound amazing! :O



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