Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An open letter (or two)

Dear Harley,

I love you and your sweet little face, but why do you insist on getting up at ridiculous o'clock in the morning and refuse to go back to sleep?! Your mom really loves her sleep and would appreciate it if you start sleeping right until 6:30am, which is when her alarm goes off. You will be rewarded with many new toys and even more love if you do this :)


Your tired mother

Dear half marathon,

I haven't even started my official training plan and you are already scaring me! There are so many unknowns about you that I have no idea what to expect. Please, please be nice to me as I promise to train hard and run my little heart out.


Anxious and nervous first time halfer

Dear Calgary weather,

Please bring this Chinook anytime soon, as this girl is sick of -20C weather. Actually while you are at it, bring spring along with you and make sure it stays around for a while. It would be nice to enjoy mother nature again and to run outside.


A sick of winter girl

Dear followers,

Thank you for being so awesome! Your comments always make my day and I appreciate you reading this little ol' blog of mine.



This post was inspired by Amber and this post. Make sure you check her out if you haven't read her blog before :)


  1. Hehehe. Thanks for the shoutout!

    Here's my letter:

    Dear Leigh,

    Don't worry about the half-marathon. You're going to kick it's butt and I'm going to help you. Promise!



    Dear Winter,

    Snow, rain, ice, warmth, cold, slush - wtf? Snow I don't mind. It is winter after all. But what's with the rain? I don't live in Vancouver so stop it!

    Smarten up please.

    A disgruntled Canadian

  2. Love these! I'll second the weather! Geesh!

  3. You poor thing! I know how it feels to have a puppy need attention in the middle of the night. It will get better.

    .20C... geeze and here I am complaining about 20F weather! Ha. I hope we all have an early spring this year.

  4. I agree on the weather! I know I'm in Virginia but it's too dang cold. I'm ready for Spring. :/

  5. Burr I'm sick of -20 Quebec weather!

  6. I echo Amber's letter to you - don't stress, you'll do great!! :)

    Here is my letter:

    Dear Winter,

    are you over yet? Soon please? I'm over you...

    Freezing my *ss off in Mpls

  7. Don't be scared about your first half! You are going to rock it!! :)



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