Thursday, January 27, 2011


I was struggling to come up with something to post about for today last night, so I thought let’s talk about all of the random things that pop up in my mind {get your mind out of the gutters you dirty peopleWinking smile}

When we were at Costco last week, I picked up a few new things to try.

Kirkland dried berries and fruit
I think the bag was about $8-9, but oh my god it is so delicious and not terribly bad for you either! If it wasn’t so expensive, I would be running out to buy more of it!

Food Should Taste This Good Multigrain Chips
These chips are apparently vegan and gluten free, which doesn’t stop them from being so delicious! I think they were on sale for $5 and oh so worth it. Definitely going back this weekend to get some more! I love it when you buy a new product and love it and don’t feel like you just wasted your money.

As you can tell, I have been playing around with my blog lay out. What do you think? Should I keep it or keep playing around with it? I added tabs for: about me, DIY, wedding and recipes. Check them out Smile. I can’t decide if I like the font in my header…should I keep it or use a font that is script like? As you can tell I am terrible with decisions!

I took Harley to the vet on Monday and they weighed him…..any guesses to how much he weighs? Let me tell you….16.6kg or about 35 pounds!! Dear sweet Harley you are not even 5 months yet…mom is scared about how big you are going to get! Oh and apparently Harley likes lots of attention from the girls at the vets that it makes him pee in excitement….ALOT! Let’s just say that I was a little embarrassed by the 5th time! Good thing he’s cute and they didn’t seem to mind.

Ok enough of my rambling, happy Thursday everyone!


  1. I really like your new layout! A lot! That picture of you and Mr. D is awesome! Not sure if I LOVE the font in the header though? I just feel like it doesn't totally go with the photo? BUT it does pop out a lot, which is maybe what you wanted!

  2. Oh my gosh, so the first time I took King Arthur to our new vet, he totally hiked his lil' leggie and peed on the scale. Apparently he is sensitive about his weight? HAHA!!!

  3. I really like you new layout. I like that you have tabs at the top so you can get connected with certain posts. I think your font header is really cool but just not for the picture you have up there. If it was more of a casual fun picture then it would be perfect, but I think since your picture is so elegant it needs to have a script font. So how did you make the tabs on your blog? I need to learn more stuff, my blogg needs to be spruced up!

  4. Love the new layout! I think a script font would be super lovely with your elegant photo.

    Rudy loves the vet too. I took him to his 1 year appointment and he got 3 vaccines. He threw up the next morning so I took him back and he was even more excited, even after all the needles the day before!

  5. i really like the new design :) i love the font you used but a script font would be pretty too :)

  6. I love the new header picture! I say go with script letters because it is a wedding picture and a script looks a little more fancy!

  7. Ok first off, love the new look!!!
    And those chips are my fav!!! Love them Superstore Blue menu has some like it now too! :)
    Oh Harley! Cruz pees there too! :)

  8. Looooove the new layout!! And the colours - great choice!

  9. Love those chips! Our favorite kind is Sweet Potato. Your blog is looking so cute. Love the color!

  10. I like your new layout and the font in your header but it'll look great no matter what you do! :)

    Dried fruit is one of my FAVE snacks.

  11. I am also loving the new layout! Great pic of you & D!!

    That is so funny about Harley! And wow, he is so big! Wowsers! He is going to weigh more than you do if he keeps growing like that! ;)

  12. Love your new header pic! haven't looked around in detail at the layout yet, but so far I like it!

  13. Oooh that fruit looks sooo good. Gotta love Costco!



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