Monday, January 3, 2011

{weekend recap}

I can’t believe that my Christmas vacation is almost over already Sad smile Well it’s not quite over because I don’t have to go back to work until tomorrow unlike Mr.D!

Ever since we got back from Mr.D’s parent’s house, we have been pretty low key. Hanging around the house, taking Harley for walks, etc. For New Years eve, it was pretty much the same for us. We were thinking of going to a friend’s house, but decided that staying in and eating loads of appetizers was way more appealing. We ended up watching Monsters Inc (I had never seen it) and The Town, which was a pretty good movie.  Exciting night I know, but it was perfect.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the weekend except on Sunday, Alison and her cute puppy Cruz came over for a puppy play date. We both love how tired both dogs are after they are done playing and it gives us a chance to hang out and get to know each other better Smile Harley was pretty down and out for the rest of the day. In a couple of weeks, Alison and Rachel with their pups and husbands are coming over for dinner and a puppy play date. I am excited for everyone to get together!


On a completely random note, I need some help/advice. I ran out of the foundation that I had been using for a while and have had no luck finding it again. I bought another kind (I forget the brand) and it is not working as it’s causing me to break out more.  I have dry yet oily skin that is prone to breakouts….any one have any brand suggestions for me to try? I am desperate for a new foundation! Thanks!

If you are back at work today, hope you have a great day back! If not, enjoy your day off Smile


  1. I'm using a mineral powder foundation from Sephora and it's great for me and I have dry/oily skin!

  2. I have been using bare minerals make up and really like it... It takes some getting used to initially if you are going from a liquid foundations... but I have been happy with it!

    I think your low key NYE sounds great to me. Movies + appetizers sounds wonderful. Mine was low key as well. I went to my aunt & uncles for a delicious dinner. :)

  3. No advice on the foundation, sorry love!

    BUT your NYE sounds perfect! Eric and I did the same. And we were actually in bed by 11 - but it was midnight FSJ time so we just pretended we stayed up till midnight ;)

  4. Happy New Year!!!

    Our new years eve was very similar just watched a movie and stayed home.

    If you want to try the Mary Kay brand of foundation I could come by or something and you can try it out and we can match up a color. let me know (theres different kinds too powders or liquids

  5. I use Mac makeup exclusivly. It might be a bit more expensive, but they have a great recycling program, and I am sure if you did not like the product (or made you breakout) they would refund your money (don't quote me - but I bet they would).
    Anyway - I love the product!

  6. We were very low key as well! We hung out at home and watched movies too!

  7. I watched a movie with my mom and then went to bed at 11:30. I couldn't make it until midnight!

    I just use a covergirl foundation. I buy the "clean" one and they offer different skin types.

    YAY for our dinner/puppy date! I'm so excited for it.

  8. I love love love bare minerals!!

  9. WE loved coming over@ and Cruzie was zonked the rest of the evening until like 10:30 then was raring to go!
    Can't wait for our dinner too! :)

  10. Yuck, I had to go back to work today too, after a week and a half off. No fair!!

    I've got oily skin that is prone to breakouts and I love Neutrogena visibly even (I think is the name) - I can really tell it helps with my skin!!

  11. I know its not fancy but I LOVE my Neutrogena foundation.. they sell it at Target its my favorite. I used to do all the fancy stuff like Clinique and Benefit makeup and then heard that the Skin Clearing Neutrogena was awesome so that's what I use now. And their pressed powder is great too. :)



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