Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{weekend recap}

Happy Tuesday everyone! This weekend with my mom was great, but it went by too fast! Can someone please invent a machine to slow time down? Pretty please Smile

On Friday night, Mr.D and I ran a few errands and then went to pick up my mom from the airport. We spent the night catching up and that’s about it.

On Saturday, we went to Cross Iron Mills to do some shopping.  After shopping, we spent the afternoon hanging out and my mom made us a delicious dinner of pad thai. Nothing quite beats your mom’s cooking! We went to see the movie True Grit later that night…it was pretty good. I really liked the actresses who played the young girl…she was great!

On Sunday, I took my mom to get a pedicure as a belated Christmas present. We went to the Newbury Spa which is downtown and they did a fabulous job! It was honestly the best pedicure I’ve had in a while!  After pedicures, we went out for lunch and then spent the afternoon hanging out. IMG_1225
My silly mom and I

I wish that my mom lived closer and that I could see more often. This weekend went by too fast and I miss spending time with her.

How was your weekend? What were you up to?


  1. I am glad you had a fun weekend with your mom! I wish time would slow down, too!!

    I had busy, but fun weekend. I also got a pedicure, which was so much fu!

  2. Ah so glad you had a good time. Cute picture! :) I would like one of those machines too!

  3. Aw YAY! I know, my mom was here for 3 weeks and I already miss her. If only Ontario was driving distance!! I could use a pedicure, is that allowed for pregnant ladies?

  4. I LOVE that picture of you and your mom!

    I really miss my mom too and I love it when she comes to visit and we can hang out. She is talking about moving south in the next 5 years so I hope it actually happens!!

  5. Yay for a fun weekend with your mom!

  6. Glad you had a good weekend with your mom! :)
    When you get a time machine, slow things down for me too okay? haha



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