Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{what i’m loving}


Happy Wednesday everyone! Just think, after today there is only two more days and the week is over Smile

This week, I am loving:

{one} My husband. I have been going to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday’s after work, which means I don’t get home until after 6pm. Mr.D has been taking charge of making dinner and I definitely appreciate it.  Nothing better than coming home to dinner already made Smile

{two} That my mom is coming in less than three days! I am so excited to spend the weekend together as I don’t get to see her nearly enough!

{three} Trashy tv shows. I won’t lie, I love shows that are trashy…the more trashy they are, the better they are Smile Lots of talk around the blogsphere about Michelle on The Bachelor…..I definitely think she’s either an actress or she is 100% crazy! Has anyone else been watching the new season Teen Mom? Such a bad show, but can’t help but watch the drama go down.

Hope you have a great Wednesday everyone and make sure you check out Jamie's fabulous blog!


  1. Aww Mr. D is so sweet! Have SO MUCH fun with your mom, I don't get to see my mom nearly enough either!

  2. YAY for mom visits!! I've never watched teen mom, but I love 16 and pregnant.

  3. Love that Mr. D's makes dinner. Tell him to chat with Justin ok, thanks.
    I watched Teen Mom 2 last night. So good and so bad! :)
    Yeah for Mom visits!

  4. So jealous that your hubs makes dinner!

    I have to admit I'm addicted to the Bachelor and I can't help but watch Teen Mom!

  5. Thank goodness the week is almost over! You're a lucky lady to have your man cookin you supper, haha, mine won't. ;)

  6. I was browsing through some other what i love wednesday posts and came across your blog.
    and i was creeping through some posts and i am from calgary too!
    horraayy for chinooks!
    ps. love trashy mtv shows too

  7. Mr. D is awesome. :) Thumbs up for him making dinner! That's awesome!

    This week, I am loving my job, riding the bus, and the book I am reading (Saving CeeCee Honeycutt)!

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    Have a wonderful weekend with your mom!



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