Thursday, February 10, 2011

Public service announcement {part two}

A few months ago, I posted a tutorial about how to fix the problem. I have gained a few new bloggers recently and would love to respond to your comments, but unfortunately, I can’t.

If you follow this simple tutorial, which only takes a few minutes, it will let others reply to you Smile I promise, it’s super easy and definitely worth it!


I don’t know about you, but I love people watching especially at the gym. There have been a few interesting individuals that I have seen lately. Let’s see, how about the lady with a face full of make up, hair in curls and doing lunges around the track with a little hand bag in her hand. Couldn’t quite figure that one out. Or the guy who does boxing moves in front of the mirror for a good ten minutes before he starts lifting weights…maybe it would be fine if he wasn’t totally checking himself the whole time, while wearing a wife beater. Ah, I love watching people!

Happy Thursday everyone! Do you have any funny gym stories?


  1. Ahh, gym watching is certainly entertaining. I am always perplexed when I See people owrking out in jeans. SOunds incredibly uncomfortable to me! Then there are the 'grunters'. There is one guy that grunts so loudly, I can hear him clear across the gym. Bizarre!

  2. Thanks for the tip and tutorial! :)

  3. Oh my gawd I can't even HANDLE some of hte people at the gym. I used to see a girl in step class who would literally do completely OPPOSITE moves from the rest of the class. Drove me nutso!

  4. I love people-watching too! I am not sure what to make of that lady in the gym though! That is a little dramatic!

  5. Aggh, people at the gym! The #1 thing I'm annoyed with, are the girls who are all dolled up like they are going out to the club, doing the least amount of a work-out that they can do. Just walking on a treadmill the entire time and scoping out the guys. Grrr. People watching is fun though:-) I've got some good stories of people failing on the treadmill!

  6. People watching is seriously one of my favorite things to do! It is so entertaining! I plan on doing that at my race tomorrow when it gets tough! haha I totally agree with "everyone calls me bon bon"... It drives me CRAZY when girls look like they are ready to go clubbin at the gym!

  7. Oh yes, when I was going to the YMCA there were plenty of interesting regulars. Like the one guy who would do weird stretches outside in the freezing cold in his too-short-for-a-man shorts, or the guy I was always worried was going to hurt himself lifting because his form was SO terrible. He would literally swing the weights behind him and then up in front, over his head and back down behind him again. Ouch!



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