Monday, February 28, 2011

{weekend recap}

Happy Monday everyone! Back at it for another week…it’s my Friday off again this week, so I have a four day work week. Love it!

Not going to lie, this weekend was pretty lame on our part! Friday night was spent hanging out in the house because it was still super cold out. Oh and I got off work early because my car was done being fixed! So we went to pick that up, which was nice to finally have everything fixed and done with. We made pancakes for dinner, which were fabulous! I love a good pancake dinner now and then Smile

On Saturday I had an appointment in the morning and then went to the gym. I had the WORST run of my life so far, which made me quit after 3k.  Was not happy at all, but I guess you win some and you lose some. In the afternoon, we dropped Mr.D’s car off to the people that bought it and then had to run down to the dealership to get a part that they forgot to give us. We went out for an early dinner and then watched Love & Other Drugs. I wasn’t super impressed with the movie and the brother definitely saved the movie!

Yesterday,  was spent cleaning the house, running and taking Harley to the dog park. It’s amazing how fast a weekend goes when you really aren’t doing that much!

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. My weekends always sound like this one. YAY for a short week, and for having your car back and for selling the old car.

  2. mmmm, yummy pancakes :)))

    sometimes chill weekends are the best! we need to chill every now & then...enjoy your monday!

  3. Saturday was busy and yesterday was a SUPER lazy day! I loved it but your right, it's crazy how fast it goes by even when you're not doing much!

  4. We laid low this weekend too, I've heard that Love and Other Drugs wasn't impressive either. :/

  5. We had a super low key weekend! It was great though. Just what I needed:-) Yay for a short work week for you! Those are the best! xoxo

  6. That doesn't sound so bad to me! Sometimes my weekends are so busy they are more stressful than relaxing.

    I have Friday off too. I love me some long weekends. :-)

  7. Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love the low-key, no plans kinda weekend!
    Glad to hear your car is fixed and your hubby's car is sold! Productive weekend you had!

    So jealous of your 3 day weekend!! I so need another one of those stat!

    Now I am craving pancakes!! I like breakfast for dinner!

    Sorry about the bad run. They are bound to happen once and awhile. You'll bounce back!

  8. I hate how runs are so hit or miss. Tonight's run was not fabulous. But I guess it's part of training. Not every run will be great unfortunately. :(

    I had a quiet weekend. Lots of studying and quiet time, which I needed after being gone the week before!



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