Thursday, February 24, 2011

What did I just do?

Back in October, I signed up for my first half marathon, which is in May. Then I signed up for two 10k' in March and one in April. I haven't even officially started my training plan for it yet, but I have already signed up for another half marathon. Crazy? Sometimes I think so!

The half that I signed up for is Melissa's Road Race which is in Banff in September. I've heard really good things about the race and am excited to run in the mountains! The nice thing about the race is that if need be, I could drop down to the 10k. But I am planning and determined to run the half.

Apparently my racing calendar is looking really sparse in June, July and August, so I have been looking at triathlons. There are two that I could do in July, which would give my body a break from training in between the two half marathons. Triathlons scare me as there are so many unknown elements about it to me, but I have always wanted to do one. And I figure I might as well get as many races in before we start trying for kids in a few years :)

What do you think? Am I crazy for signing up for another half marathon before I've run my first one? Should I sign up for the triathlon?


  1. Hahah, we want to start trying for kiddos this summer, so that's why I am packing in as many races as possible before mid-July. We are hilarious.

    And you know my opinion on the tri--just do it!!! :)

  2. I say try the tri..might as well?

    A race in banff sounds SO lovely. If I was a runner, I would be excited for it!

  3. Wow! You are a machine! Melissa's is awesome, we used to run the 10 as a famiyl for years.

  4. I wish I'd known registration for Melissa's was yesterday! I am DYING to do that race I have heard only amazing things about it.

    Oh well, there's always 2012 I guess!

  5. That is awesome!! Melissa's is a great race! That was my hubby's first half marathon in 2009. I didn't sign up for it. I think if I still want to do it by the summer I will try to buy a bib from someone.
    Also the 10K has a huge hill, whereas the 22K is flat.
    You should definitely do a tri!! Which ones are you looking at? I think I might do the Chinook Oly in June.

    Funny enough I read on your blog (old post) about how to change your email address so people can reply to comments so I just followed the instructions there on how to change it. It should work now?

    As for my accident, we went through insurance. It cost over $8000 to fix, and hubby and I both had whiplash.

  6. I think you are AWESOME for doing these marathons! I can't even get up the courage to sign up for the 5k I want to do in April... Haha!

  7. thats awesome, I love halfs, they are my fvaorite, not too short but long enough to feel a great sense of accomplishment without killing yourself.

  8. I do not think you are crazy to sign up for a 1/2 before finishing one. I mean, I signed up for my first marathon before doing my 1/2 marathon! My training had been going so well, I thought - I can do a full! And I was right.

    Good luck w/ the tri decision. I am intrigued by tri's but have never attempted one. Partially because I don't own a bike!

  9. I did the same thing. I signed up for my second before running my half. And my first half was HORRIBLE and I was so worried about the second one. After I ran the second one, I felt SO GOOD.

    So, you will do awesome!

    I really want to do a tri too but I just don't have the equipment and I'd rather own it instead of renting so I could practice whenever. That can get expensive though. ouch!



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